Monday, December 24, 2007

Here we go!

After 5 hour training day so swimming over Xmas break, I was able to get home on Friday for a few days, have to go back on Thursday however. Jan 1 marks the days of biking, I have 1 class over J-Term, from 8-10, so after that I will be able to get on the bike for a couple hours and then head back to swim practice, Im getting pumped except for the fact there is almost a foot of snow on the ground, may have to ride indoors yay!

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Swimming might not be that bad

So had our big mid-season taper meet at the University of Minnesota this weekend, and I already am going near life-time bests in my events. I went a 52.04 in the 100 free, 1:58 in the 200, 5:21 in the 500, and 18:38 in the 1650.

Now that the snow is here also, finding it hard to get out on the bike...but J-Term is almost here, and with class only 8-10, I will be fine for a few hours!!

Thats all for now!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I dislike DST time to ride on Mondays, Wed, or Fridays because of swim practice and the sun going down at 4. I have no time to get base miles in, what kinda off season is that! :)

So....this kid is amazing! I am absolutely stunned on how good he is.
Lars Boom is his name and rides for Rabobank Continental. He is going to be so good. I wish I was as good as him. But Im sure he doesn't have to worry about swimming for 7 months out of the year.

Also looks as though Zirbel and Tilford both did very well in the Tour of the Southland. Representing the midwest.

I cant wait for Spring Break, it is the week before Kent Park, and I get to go out with a swim buddy from luther who lives in Boulder, CO. We are going to go riding in the mtns. the whole week and then I will get back to Kent Park, probably dead, also maybe start my quest for the Cat. 4 State Cup!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

YAY for Mtn. Biking!!!

Hello blog,

Long time no see! Well I am back up at Luther, and have gotten into the swing of things with swimming and such. Haven't been able to do much biking lately, but now that my schedule has been straightened out. This is me now.....

Got my new mtn. bike over break. A Gary Fisher 29er, Cobia. Took it out for its first spin today, I need some help with mtn. biking. Not even close to being able to race with some of you fast guys. It felt good to be on the bike again though, as I have not been on in about 2 weeks.
Hopefully me more .....

It looks like Cross has been a great season, with some nice hard nosed racing. I can't wait for the spring, so I can get to see everyone again!!!

Hope all is well!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

State Crit

Today was not raining YAY!!! So met Coach Paul in IC then headed over to Pella for the State Crit Championships. A great course, very nicely set up and run by Doug Klasson.

In the Pro race, Paul got into a break of 3 with Dave Lippold and Chad Vandelune of All9Yards, but Lane Anderson let him go?? Well it turned out to be ok as the 3 lapped the rest of the field, Dave attacked and went away alone and soon after Lane took Chad the rest of the way sealing 1, 2 for All9. Paul was left to fend for himself and with 2 laps to go, was caught by a group of Jim Cochran and co, and Paul sat up and took a hard earned 5th, def. worked the hardest out there today!!! Nice job buddy!

So in our race, we had 35laps....right of the front Chris Hansen pushed the pace, and I found myself back in the middle after not being able to clip in fast, found out later to be missing a screw in my cleat!! AGGG......I spent 3 laps getting into the first 10 riders, and glad I did as with about 25-30 laps to go....we already had a field of 15 or so out of 38, within the next few laps...the group was down to 8, thanks to Chris. I think everyone ended up pulling except for a Poweraide guy and Iowa Ortho until towards the end. I do believe Chris led almost every lap up the hill and through the finish line haha.

So with 2 laps to go, I move up into top 5 and try to hold it....I did, but going up the last hill, I wasn't able to move up and came around the corner in 6th...and hey! I got 6th! So all in all, was def. the hardest race of the year for me...I was tapped out with about 10 to go. Jimmy did some nice work and placed 8th today, and for us two to make the first selection as the only ones under 20 years old!! Watch out Iowa, and the US!!! WE are coming! haha

So anyway, 6th place and a little cash was well worth a last race of the season, now I am leaving for school...and probably won't see many until I return for Kent Park next spring...I hope you all have a great cross season..maybe Ill show up with the Mtn. bike and try it out!!

Peace and God Bless!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trek Dealer Show

Went up to Madison/Waterloo for the annual Trek Dealer show. It was awesome, got to see all of the new lineup of bikes and even test road a couple. The 5.2 Madone Frame that Contador won with at Plateau de Beille was on display, that was sweet, I would buy that just to look at it in my house!

The new Madone is going to be sweet, check it out
Trek has also changed the geometry on all of their Mtn. bikes.

I was in heaven, I was able to test ride a G. Fisher Cobia on their Private 4-6 mile Mtn. Bike loop across the road from the factory, while my two Hall's Bike Bros road the new Fuel EX 9 FS.

Also road on the Lemond Tete de Course with Bontrager 5.0 Aeolus wheels, a 9,000 dollar bike, the thing ran so smooth!!! I know what wheels I am getting!

So all in all I was so impressed with how they are going away from the Lance Armstrong style bikes and converting their geometry to a more stiff/stable one.

One week of training to go, then State Crit and Luther, here I come!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

State Time Trial.........HOT!

Today was a hot day, 90's by 9:00 o'clock this morning. Im sure while out on course the heat index was over 100. I drove to Nichols anyway with the hope of becoming a better TT man, especially with my size. I believe that it is def. coming around now that I know how to pace myself better and know just how hard I can go and maintain that effort. Entered the U23 division today, hoping that someone else would show up, but ended up racing against myself and the other cats today.

Going out, I was around 185bpm and then from the turnaround at 20km all the way back, right around 190! I had no idea I could hold those numbers, probably high because of the heat. The course just felt sticky along the way but it was flat, which I like :)

Ended up coming in with a time of 1.01.21, the fastest out of the 2 I have done :), the last one in Cordova going a 1.03 in better conditions! I of course, won by default in the U23, but also would have won the Cat 4's by 6 sec. over Jeremy Fry of ICCC.

Poor Jimmy, came down with a cold yesterday and I give huge props to ya buddy for even showing up in that heat and finishing! Awesome job! Get better and you can get ready to tear up the Crit!

So yea, last race of the year will be the State Crit in a couple weeks over Pella, the 25th and then I move back to Luther on the 26th. I just wanna take the time to thank everyone for their support this year when I made the upgrade to Cat 4, and all the encouragement everyone has given me.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

State RR

Went up to Sherril for the State RR today on a hilly 10 mile loop course for 4 laps. Hills= uh oh for me, but I was ready to go. I stayed near the front the whole time patroling for strongmen like Chris Hansen (Pedros), Robinson Bro's (All 9), Jimmy (ICCC) and a few others to make sure nothing big went without me. Put in an attack that lasted all but 30sec probably as no-one went with me, so I just kinda sat up as it was half way through the 2nd lap.

Towards the end, things were starting to go haywire with fighting for position, I was able to get Hansen's wheel and knew he would be at the front in the end. As we headed up the last stretch, the sprint started and as soon as I took one left pedal stroke, a cramp seized up my leg, and I had to sit down in order to keep going, and by was all gone. Came across 12th or so, wasn't what I wanted much sitting in, as I think I would do better if the field were strung out more and didn't have the guys that sit in all race and then try to sprint. Oh well, Jimmy ended up in the money, sweet....Either State TT or Tour of KC next weekend, so should be action packed.

Moenk won the pro race with some fine riding by Mercy (Jeff Barnes) on a nice break and Adam Price and John Eppen with some hard work!

Monday, July 16, 2007

QCBC 40km TT Champs

First TT since last year, and it was 40km...also a first. Wow that is a hard race. It was pancake flat with one turn, which allowed for good fast times. I didn't think I would be able to hold a decent pace, but hey it happend, and I feel like I had some left over at the end, so I should have gone harder!

Paul won...yea buddy
Jimmy won the juniors, lack of competition ;) Also did 40km instead of the 20km because he supposedly missed the markings on the road. SURE!!!!

anyway, I am feeling good right now, hopefully it stays until state rr!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A fluke???? I am guessing so!

So, when I started this week........I was really down in the dumps after what happened on Sunday over in Clear Lake. I thought, uh oh....maybe I am starting to loose form or be wasted from the summer of racing.

But yesterday and today...I have done some hard rides with what seems to be good sucess and little fatigue. This has almost made my week! A better week would come with the 40km TT this weekend over in Cordova, lets get a good finish huh!

3 big races coming up for me....State RR, Crit and TT are all races, I hope to do well in so we will see how it goes!

Vino crashed in the tour today...lost 1m30sec!!!! ALRIGHT LEVI!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yikes....not a good day!

Went over to Clear Lake for the race this morning.

42 miles with heat and a huge wind factor.....

I didn't eat enough this morning and paid for it half way in, I was popped off in one of the cross-wind sections when the field was strung out and rode by myself the last 10 miles.....gosh darnit!!

Chris! Broke away for the whole race and managed to edge John Eppen for the win, what a strong performance.

I just needed to eat more, I really think that is what got me......My legs are fine now, if only I would have had the energy then!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Northfield Crit

Drove up to Northfield for the longest crit of my life....45 min.

I was surprised to see 5 other Iowa boys with me in the 4's race. Started out decently fast, I knew the turn up the hill was going to be bad, just about as bad as the entrance to snake. It only took about 4 laps before someone was pushed into the curb and went down. On the top of the course, it was pretty bad....potholes and rough pavement caused at least 3 flats, and I am glad I didn't.

Coming around the 2nd to last lap up the hill, I could see some of the guys were starting to tire, so I was gonna go for it. Unfortunately, the guys on the back of the field used their speed to get up the hill and I was boxed I had to settle for a sprint try. The pace really picked up, on the last hill I still found myself in 4th wheel all the way down to the last corner, to bad I don't have a sprint and had to settle for 8th. Top out of all the Iowa finishers, and 3 out of the money, oh well....all top 10 placings in the 4's races I have done so far!!! SWEET!

I feel good, and hope it stays with me for the BBQ Road Race on Sunday!!! YEA!


Sunday, July 1, 2007

State TTT

Went up for the State TTT with 3 other guys and a fan for the race today.

It was a great race, John Adamson and Bike Tech really did a good job. The course was awesome outside of a few cracks in the road, but hey...its racing!

We started out wanting to shoot for 22mph avg, and at the end we ended with that was awesome. Were passed by Paul's team of course, and a Free Flight team....who placed 1st and 3rd. We did end up catching I believe 5 teams ourselves, which was pretty sweet. All in all, I had a lot more fun this year then at the race last year.

Now its time to rest for 2 days, then go to Northfield for some racing then over to Clear Lake!


Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tech Tach Teicher

Went down to Amana for Conns TTR race. It was a decently hilly course, so obviously not to my liking!! But I was able to stay in the may group that was repeadedly attacked by Cochran and Sean Walker...ouch!

Walker finally got away, and we were forced to try and chase, it was fun......well......kinda, except for it really hurt! I think I am still recovering from the beating Chris Eastburn gave me on Thursday. Oh well, I got 3 in Cat 4, Jimmy won the 4's so that was cool.

He and I are gonna demolish BBQ race....:) And that is after I go tear up the Northfield Crit Wed. and show them how we do it Iowa style!

Well I need to rest, only a 60mile TTT tomorrow!!! AGGGGGGGGG

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dam Birds!

I love riding my bike, its kind of second nature to me now. But man, I swear I was a terrorist and the red-wing blackbirds were our awesome military soldiers! I seem to get attacked by a swarm every time out on the bike haha. A few will actually reach my helmet and find out, wow I can't harm this and run away. But anyway, some interesting rides!!!

So I dont know about anyone else, but I am so ready for the TdF. I wanna see Leipheimer win it all, and I think if his mind is in the right spot he can. Also...Vino will have a good chance, he has earned it.

Busy week coming up tomorrow....Group ride, uh oh!!! Eastburn is back from France, this could suck!!!
Sat. is Conns TwoBee race and Sunday is the State Team Time Trial.

Next week, Im headed up to Northfield for a crit, sounds like this guy will be there, so it will be good to have a familiar face to follow!

Then next Sunday will be BBQ, where I think I am just gonna take those nice HED Wheels off their hands :)

Have a good week!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Are we there yet?

Today Jimmy Carrico and I met up in Solon after doing an hour or so of intervals separate. Then we headed down to McBride and instead of turning to IC on Sugerbottom Rd, we went into N. Liberty to little Jimmy could get some granola bars. We then headed out West from N. Liberty on a road I thought would take us into Walford, 5 miles from CR. But NO!!! We kept going longer and farther, and by the time we knew it!! WE WERE IN AMANA!! haha OOPS!

It was getting dark out so we called up Jimmy's dad, and he ran out and got us. We did both get a box of Oatmeal Creme Pies!! YUM

So all in all it did only turn out to be 50 miles, and not the 200 we thought ;) But good training for BBQ and State RR coming up!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Green Days

Took the time out of my Sat. to drive over to Des Moines for the race. Part of me didnt think it was a good idea, no cash, short crit, stuff like that. But boy was it a fun race. I decided to go and get some 4's racing under my belt. Started out pretty fast with Moritz attacking quite a few times. Its funny to hear that he is a marked man by the field, yelling "Moritz" when he goes. Poor Brian. About 15 min. into the race, I attacked the field, hoping to pull some people with me. Didn't happen, so I was by myself for 2 laps before being re-taken by the pack.

Sat in for the rest of the race, did chase one break and ran my wheels into the curb, because I wasnt looking...nearly going over. Thad and Pete both told me how good the save was, but I was just embarrassed to have it happen in front of the field haha. Oh well.

Came around the last corner in 6th place, and ended up 7th. I had a lot of fun, and hope to be in contention in all the 4's races to come!!

Congrats to Pedros, All 9 on a great showing at the end.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Night at the Oval

Tonight was the first night I could do my teams race out at the Oval. A good turnout, raced in the A Group. This contained Chris Reed, Ian Robinson, Dennis Grelk, a guy from ABD Elite Team, Josh Tack, Landon Beechy and a couple guys from 2 Bee, so it was pretty intense. I hung in every race, chased a couple attacks and even put in a few of my own in the Outside, Middle, Inner Loop race which was speedy and some sharp cornering!

I hope this riding that I do with higher cat riders and faster guys will eventually land me a spot in the 3's and maybe in the 1,2's someday, that is the ultimate dream!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hummer Hammer

so today was my first official race as a Cat 4. It was a 4/5 race, I have done those before, but it was awsome to think I was racing for money!!! and points. Race was quite fast, I think 23 avg. Tried to stick to the wheels of guys I know...Thad, Basso, Steve just because they know where to be in a 4's field. It was however to be a 3rd place sprint as Moritz put in a great attack with a MAC guy and stayed away for the whole race. Basso ended up getting the sprint for 3rd, nice job buddy.

I was boxed towards the back of the line on the last 2 180 turns which doesnt allow for much space to move up and had to settle for 16th. Out of 47 riders, that doesnt make me to mad, I was happy to hang in with the lead group of 4's and hope to be in the top by the end of the year.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Quad City Crit

So...after this race, I was so sick of it, and upgraded to 4's!!! YAY!!!

Started off pulling, trying to destroy the field...and the OK rider attacked, and I went with him, we had a small gap for a lap or so, then the field came back, I settled in and he attacked again taking a rider from Peoria with him. They stayed away the whole rest of the race because of the "so called Teams" in our field. DICE had 5-6 guys and MAC had 3 or so, and none of them would ever pull. For about the 10th time this year, the whole work was done by myself, Jimmy Carrico, Cutters, and a couple Iowa Ortho guys. And a MAC guy who is a very sketchy rider in the first place, always shoving people out of position, would sit 2nd-3rd wheel and refuse to pull through, as if he had a team mate up the road, but he didn't. I mean how stupid can you be, if you wanna sit in, go back 8 guys or so, he wasn't even there on the sprint, so it must not have payed off.

I got boxed out by some "sand baggers" who never pulled and werent seen at the front the whole race, and ended up in 7th. As soon as the race was over, Jimmy and I ran right into Rick Paulos and upgraded, finally we will be with a group of people who know what their doing!

So that ended the weekend, I was actually quite happy with my performances, even if the Category itself was awful. I am really looking forward to racing with the 4's in upcoming events!

Melon City

Another course for some climbers.

Again, I started in the top line, and pushed the first lap pretty hard trying to drop some riders. With the pack together again, I knew I would have to be on the outside for a good ride up the hill, a DICE guy would always hit the front with his weight and pull the whole "non contender" part of the field with him to the hill, the only bad thing was he stopped as soon as he hit the hill because of his weight. I could see this along with some other guys, and we hit the outside line.

One of the laps however, he hit the wall, and all of the dumb riders tried to push over to get around, right into us!!! I was hit by about the weight of 5 riders and couldn't keep my line, pushing a nice strong/ smart/ contender rider into the curb. He was one of the guys I would rather have in it at the end then these stupid riders who dont know whose wheels to take.

Anyway, pushed it hard up the last lap, but couldnt get to 1st wheel for the turn, and had to settle for 4th place, 2nd in the 18-34, behind the Cat 4, maybe Cat 3 ability 5 rider from OK. It was another good showing I thought, for my weight.

Snake Alley

Then came the race for light guys....not me!

I started off in the front row, and got to the corner around 6th....up the hill I was fine the first laps and soon was in a group of 6 guys. The downhill was def. my friend, as my weight can push better.

Some guy from OK, went off the front and soloed to win, he was an expert Mtn. biker turned roadie, and couldnt upgrade the whole weekend and won all 4 races. Kinda demoralizing, but he couldn't help it, he wanted to upgrade. Anywho, Jimmy Carrico got 4th and I ended up touching the guy out for 5th, so I was pretty dang happy with 5th.

Wapello Burlington Road Race

This was the first time I had done 4 races in one weekend. And it was def. the races I wanted the most. Some ups and downs the weekend...The downs started in the RR however.

A very bad one was comfortable it seemed, there were at least 60!!!! 10mph acceleration/deaccelerations over the course of the race. I was getting so mad, we couldn't keep a nice pace going.

Coming up to the last hill, 3 DICE guys pushed the left side of the road, and I jumped on Hausslers wheel, they sent him off...but his 2 lead out men jumped in front of me and I almost crashed, they almost stopped in order to block, by the time I got around and tried to get on Hausslers wheel, I couldnt get it and brought the whole field with me...getting passed by everyone I just sat up and coasted in. Not a great start, but I knew it was not the 1st race that counted!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Summer Time!!

School is done with! Yes! I just hope my finals went ok, to much of my bike on the mind during the last week. uh oh

I think I am ready for this weekend of 4 days. I went on 40 or so ride today, and legs felt kinda tired after...but I am feeling good as of late.

I dont think it has ever been this windy this time of year before, I mean wow!

good luck to everyone next weekend! Ill be cheering for everyone I know!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yep, here go the finals, just one weekend left to study....hopefully they go ok. My mind is so focused on building for Memorial Day right now however, I just need to settle down and focus on school :)

Rode 45 miles yesterday, felt pretty good....hope its a good sign of some form coming on to tackle the RR and then Snake the next day! Lets just see how it goes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Iowa City Crit

Here are the pictures of me getting touched out!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Old Capital Weekend

Alright, fun weekend of racing!!!

Sat was the road race in Sharron Center, very nice course...with a lot of amish fans! haha

First lap I could feel my legs were not great, and accelerating up the finish hill to break up the bad riders would not be good later on. I was dropped by our group of 7 off the front, and soloed for a bit before hooking up with 3 stragglers. Let them pull me around and beat them on the line. Brian and Jimmy placed in top group, awesome ride! I wasn't to disapointed though, Im not a good climber.

Sunday was the OCC in beautiful downtown Iowa City. Great day, 80+ and blue skies. Our race was off at 10:30, legs didn't feel good today, but today was my kinda race. Stayed in the back about 10 wheels all the time, we broke up the 32 man field into aout 15 guys or so in the front. Last lap, I moved up to 6th wheel on hill, the around 2nd to last right, into 3rd wheel. Started the sprint and was ahead, Brian came up and out reached me by a tire, no kidding thats all he had on me. No rim involved haha. I still think that line slants backwards so he had the advantage :)..JK Brian, awsome race!! I was glad to see one of our little group get it. Jimmy ended up in 5th. I can't wait to join him and Vanderhorst on Mercy next year.

Watched as Brian Jenson (Trek/VW) lapped the entire Pro field on way to victory, wow! What a strong guy on form! It was also good to see Reid Mumford (Jelly Belly) in his new colors!

Good job to everyone!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Eagle Point

I DID IT!!!! Took the sprint today.

Nice course, good job to all who put it on!

Race was pretty fast paced for our race I think, 22 or so mph. Tried to break a few times and shed some riders, but nothing stuck. At the end, I was sitting 2nd wheel and knew this was the time to take it, rounded the last corner and went, taking Jimmy Carrico with me from ICCC, he followed and pasted the Dice guy for 2nd. 1-2 finish for under 20 riders!!

Almost was involved in a crash again where to guys hooked up....its amazing how our races happen, without everyone being involved in a crash.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finchford Roubaix

Went over and raced Finchford for the first time today, it was good course kept up well by the boys at Bike Tech. Great job to John and everyone else. Didn't feel the best in the legs, but that is probably because I got 3+ hours of sand volleyball in yesterday here at Luther. I stayed in the front group and helped to drop some people. I was happy with the wattage I was able to put out so far....and I placed 6th overall. I need to upgrade, it is just to crazy in a 5's much wobbliness be riders. I rubbed a couple wheels because of stupid bikers weeving way inside and things like that. Oh well, didn't have my sprinting legs yet....

Good job to everyone today!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Isnt it spring yet???

Here I am getting up this morning and it is flurrying outside! What he heck is that!!

Other then the weather it has been a good week of training. Trying to build up for Old Capital weekend down in Iowa City!! Should be fun, that was the first race I ever competed in...last year, I look to do better this year, as I know a little more about racing this time around!! Lets just hope its not as dangerous of a wet corner going down the hill, what a way to learn crashing on the last lap of the Crit on wet corners haha.

Hope all is well

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kent Park

What a race!!! Kent Park is an awsome course, I actually enjoyed it for the most part, beyond the struggling!

I stayed in the lead group of Cat 5's, and we caught some stragglers from the other groups. Noticed the guys were faltering on the hills so I broke the group apart. After doing this on the 5th lap, we dropped all but 4, and us 4 stayed together till the end of the racewhere I was able to win the uphill sprint to the line. 2 Cat 5's had gotten away earlier in the race and so I settled for 3rd I believe!

Oh well, Kudos to Conn for another great race! He and the rest of Two Bee did an awsome job getting the course ready.

Good job to everyone!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cody Race 1

Raced in Davenport this weekend. This course was a great warm up for Kent Park. Hills and fast paced!

Got thrown out the back on the major climb of the 2nd lap. Stuck in with mostly Dice guys and a couple ICCC guys in the 2nd big pack. Finished 18th, 2nd for Cat 5. My uphill sprint needs a little bit of work, So I learn not to downshift 1 to many!!!

It was a fun race though, I had fun the whole race!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Prairie Rude

Raced the first day of the year today at a very technical Prairie Rude Days in CR. Conn always puts on a great race and this was a great race. I could tell the form isnt there yet, hopefully better for Kent Park next week. Also slid out on a corner right after the 2bee man in front slid out, nothing wrong to the bike, just a very little strawberry on the left leg. I had fun though, and was glad to get back into the cycling experience!

Ended up 18th, and won Cat 5

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kent we come!!

I am so happy the weather is getting nice. Put in some good miles last week and hope for another good week on the bike getting ready for my first try at Kent Park!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and see you in Tiffin!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bad Weather!

Jason M. had a huge race today, it was exciting to see him do as well as he did! To beat a World TT Champion is a huge accomplishment, I am happy for him!

Not happy about the snow and sleet we are getting however! I was so happy to be able to ride outside, but it doesnt look like I will be for at least a few day! I want spring!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I love Cycling!

Today was my first long ride of the year....went out for hour and a half, all i have to say is DAM HEAD WINDS! for half of it. And nearly getting bit in the butt by a dog, otherwise it felt good!

I wish this weather didnt have to go away, I want it to stay like this and get warmer!

Also, T of C has been amazing, Discovery is doing amazing. Everyone thought that they had made a tactical error yesterday, but they proved that to be wrong. I also enjoy watching CSC, another great team. Voigt did amazing for 9omiles wow!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Today it was 35 up here in Decorah, so now that swimming is over with, i went out for an hour and rode, it was so nice to be on roads again! I cant believe how dirty the bike got though, dam sand and salt! It felt good to be in the saddle again, and im glad its cycling season!!

what a crash in the TOC today!! Levi still in the lead though! :)

have fun riding this week

Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Season

Swimming is officially done with!!!

Now i can get ready for Kent Park, will be the first time tackling this beast, hopefully it will prove to have good sucess!! I hope it will also be a good educational race, being able to be with the Cat 1, 2, 3 riders!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

New Year!

Hey everyone,

Hope all of your holidays were exciting and fun filled! Spent 10 days in Hawaii, had to be one of the best times of my life, best trip for sure! Now we are in J-Term, 1 class for the month of January which means I can get out and ride in this nice weather more often!

Have a few goals for this next year!

Win Iowa Cup Mens 4/5
Road Race Champion 4/5
Continue to get better
Attend Superweek

small list for now, im sure it will grow!

have a good day~ ride hard