Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wind Tunnel or Eastern Iowa!

So it seems whenever I go out for LT intervals, or other intervals. I always end up getting crushed by the wind. Today was not any different with 15-20mph winds or so. It was a good ride, Im glad my legs seem to still have some form. Too bad there isnt much racing, plus I have had to work, so I couldn't go over to Chicago today and tomorrow. 

Trying to gear up for Superweek and such next. 

I didn't know I talked so bad about other riders, so I guess I have made many other riders angry at me. I guess Im a terrible person

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Post 2 of 2

  Melon City Crit in Muscatine, Iowa. Started on the front row for the 14 mile crit. The course has a swooping downhill with a speed hump and a long grinding uphill. Sat in the pack for a few laps, was feeling good and confident. After a few laps, I made an acceleration up the hill trying to break it up, didn't work. I tried once more and still nothing. The field wasn't going to get away today. A few sketchy riders, and a crash that took down a few riders. 
Coming up to the last lap, I was poised very well coming up the hill, but I didn't account for the fact of people coming around me on the outside, farther out then I was. I wasn't watching this, and a junior(15yrs) came around and made a huge push. We tried to catch him, but he was very strong. Came up to the S Curve 2nd wheel and passed the guy for 2nd.  Oh well, could have been another victory if I had been watching! OH WELL!!!  It was a fun race, but I think 4's races could stand to be a little longer!!

Quad City Crit

Started in the front row again, looking for another good top 5 or so. Did some work at the front on the 8 corner crit. We avg. 26mph or so for the 14 laps. I didn't like the fact that there were only 14 laps, the 3's did like 24? We should have been able to do 20 or so to help cut the field size down. We brought a lot of people to the line, and I was boxed out and settled for 7th. It was a fast race, but I had a lot in the tank to keep going! It was a very fun day however, sitting there watching some good racing.

This weekend was awesome, probably one of the best weekends I have ever had on the bike, and I hope I can say that some more throughout the year or upcoming years!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Post 1 of 2

Friday Night Road Race.....
  24 Miles Warm Up road race for Saturday from Wapello to Mediapolis. I didn't really expect much in this race as it was to short to do damage. The climb wasn't as long or hard as I had heard. Just sat in the pack, once we turned to Mediapolis up the climb, I followed Garrett and we ended up getting a 10 sec. gap from a small acceleration. DICE did a good job of bringing it back  and I had to settle for the sprint.  Greg Aronson(DICE) took a flyer with a little over 1K to go, and I was forced to try and chase him down. This left me open for people to pass, and I was still able to hang on to 5th place.    It was fun/fast pace race and I got some money. 

    The King of racing in Iowa, Snake Alley. Started 3rd row, and was ready for a few laps of sketchiness(if thats a word). Going around the first corner, I was moving up a few spots, and a Southside Wheelmen guy was just relaxing and I skidded and almost lost it on the first corner, but I was able to clip back in easy and got to the Snake in 20th place or so. Went around a few guys, did a couple track stands to wait for slowing riders and made my way over the top. I was able to move up on the 2nd and 3rd lap to 5th wheel or so. On the 4th lap I was 2nd wheel half way up the climb, and made a slow acceleration at the end. 
I looked back and had a gap, I decided to go for it 8 laps from the end, so I didn't know really what to expect. I spent 2 laps by myself, and was then caught by Jay Gorsh(Atlas) and Aaron McComb(Peoria). I could see these two were still hurting from the bridge and so I pulled a few times. With two laps to go, I could see Jay was falling off the pace on the climb and was soon pretty much off the back. Last lap, I had a gap off the downhill of 5 sec. over McComb and went as hard as I could up Snake Alley. I hit the top with a gap and then smooth sailing to the finish line for the WIN!!!! 
I could not believe it. My fat-ass was able to get myself over the climbs faster then anyone else!! IT probably helped that I was able to descend pretty well also. Won some good money, a snake and my own "Roubaix" style Brick. 

Had some good races to watch during the day. Dewey Dickey won the Masters 30+ and Pro Race, what a day!!! Paul was able to get 3rd in the Masters race.

Hopefully with 2 races to go, and two races I like. Maybe I can have another victory or 2! And then get the upgrade!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The week is here!!

First full week in CR to start this week. With 1 week of work, and then I head south-southeast for the big weekend in Quad City area. 

Week has been decent for training, today was a wind fest. Did some LT stuff, and when your going +300 watts on flat roads and only going 15-16mph, thats wierd. But then you turn around, and do the same thing, only now your at 30 haha. Fun Fun, when cars are having to accelerate past me!

I am so ready for this weekend, my fitness I think is there and my body compo is already better then last year, about to where it was at the end of summer. Hopefully this will help me on the additional laps up Snake this year!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sophomore Year to a close...

Wow, I am already a Junior in College. That is unreal, well one cuz Im still only 19 :) But also, cuz it has gone so fast!!! Finished up school yesterday and came back today after some fun last night. Volleyball and Movies.

Now I have off till Monday then start back at the bike shop. Hopefully get some good riding in, as I haven't ridden since Friday. Excited to get back to racing, and get geared up for next weekend!!! Memorial Day is gonna be sweet, I have good start position in all the races which will help. 

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just a tid bit of info!

Lots of work to be done with finals starting Sat. and running through Wednesday, but then I am done!!!

Training has been going pretty good, I think I set a new 2 Hour Tempo High this morning on a ride which is good! Just trying to gear up for Memorial Day and have the best racing I can do to show I wanna be a Cat. 3. 

Well I said it would be short,