Sunday, April 29, 2007

Old Capital Weekend

Alright, fun weekend of racing!!!

Sat was the road race in Sharron Center, very nice course...with a lot of amish fans! haha

First lap I could feel my legs were not great, and accelerating up the finish hill to break up the bad riders would not be good later on. I was dropped by our group of 7 off the front, and soloed for a bit before hooking up with 3 stragglers. Let them pull me around and beat them on the line. Brian and Jimmy placed in top group, awesome ride! I wasn't to disapointed though, Im not a good climber.

Sunday was the OCC in beautiful downtown Iowa City. Great day, 80+ and blue skies. Our race was off at 10:30, legs didn't feel good today, but today was my kinda race. Stayed in the back about 10 wheels all the time, we broke up the 32 man field into aout 15 guys or so in the front. Last lap, I moved up to 6th wheel on hill, the around 2nd to last right, into 3rd wheel. Started the sprint and was ahead, Brian came up and out reached me by a tire, no kidding thats all he had on me. No rim involved haha. I still think that line slants backwards so he had the advantage :)..JK Brian, awsome race!! I was glad to see one of our little group get it. Jimmy ended up in 5th. I can't wait to join him and Vanderhorst on Mercy next year.

Watched as Brian Jenson (Trek/VW) lapped the entire Pro field on way to victory, wow! What a strong guy on form! It was also good to see Reid Mumford (Jelly Belly) in his new colors!

Good job to everyone!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Eagle Point

I DID IT!!!! Took the sprint today.

Nice course, good job to all who put it on!

Race was pretty fast paced for our race I think, 22 or so mph. Tried to break a few times and shed some riders, but nothing stuck. At the end, I was sitting 2nd wheel and knew this was the time to take it, rounded the last corner and went, taking Jimmy Carrico with me from ICCC, he followed and pasted the Dice guy for 2nd. 1-2 finish for under 20 riders!!

Almost was involved in a crash again where to guys hooked up....its amazing how our races happen, without everyone being involved in a crash.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finchford Roubaix

Went over and raced Finchford for the first time today, it was good course kept up well by the boys at Bike Tech. Great job to John and everyone else. Didn't feel the best in the legs, but that is probably because I got 3+ hours of sand volleyball in yesterday here at Luther. I stayed in the front group and helped to drop some people. I was happy with the wattage I was able to put out so far....and I placed 6th overall. I need to upgrade, it is just to crazy in a 5's much wobbliness be riders. I rubbed a couple wheels because of stupid bikers weeving way inside and things like that. Oh well, didn't have my sprinting legs yet....

Good job to everyone today!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Isnt it spring yet???

Here I am getting up this morning and it is flurrying outside! What he heck is that!!

Other then the weather it has been a good week of training. Trying to build up for Old Capital weekend down in Iowa City!! Should be fun, that was the first race I ever competed in...last year, I look to do better this year, as I know a little more about racing this time around!! Lets just hope its not as dangerous of a wet corner going down the hill, what a way to learn crashing on the last lap of the Crit on wet corners haha.

Hope all is well