Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life Update

Had my last class of first semester here at UNI in graduate school. I tell you, it went by extremely fast. I had originally thought it would have gone slow with no swimming. Life keeps you busy as I am trying to work 2 jobs, study and ride my bike, but it is all going and is fun!

Speaking of biking, first rest week of the season this week as I have had a good 3 weeks of base training before and some good weight training! It has been pretty cold here in the Cedar Valley and very windy to really get any long rides done, but luckily these temperatures fell during my rest week! Next week I will be starting my Base 2 training and incorporating some longer and more intense tempo and muscle force building rides.

Next year, I will be joining the ranks of VeloSportIowa Cycling Team. This team is based out of Davenport, but we will have riders from all over. Have known these guys for a few years and all have given me great advice and help towards training and being a better bike racer. Logistics are still falling into place, but we have a great schedule together and looking forward to some big time races!

2011 Race Team:
Jeff Bradley
Paul Deninger
Lou Waugaman
Chad Bishop
TJ Tollakson
Carson Christen

Also please to announce some great sponsors coming on board for next season!

Trek Bikes
American Equity Insurance (Thanks Wendy!)
Oakley (Thanks Rob V!)
Velocity Wheels (Personal Sponsorship)
Dunn Bros Coffee (Yum!)
Pharrels Extreme Bodyshapping
More to come...!

Just the suspense of what a great team we will have next season is giving me the motivation to ride, ride, ride and work hard!

Now I have about a month off before classes resume again. Looking to put in some great miles and work.