Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tech Tach Teicher

Went down to Amana for Conns TTR race. It was a decently hilly course, so obviously not to my liking!! But I was able to stay in the may group that was repeadedly attacked by Cochran and Sean Walker...ouch!

Walker finally got away, and we were forced to try and chase, it was fun......well......kinda, except for it really hurt! I think I am still recovering from the beating Chris Eastburn gave me on Thursday. Oh well, I got 3 in Cat 4, Jimmy won the 4's so that was cool.

He and I are gonna demolish BBQ race....:) And that is after I go tear up the Northfield Crit Wed. and show them how we do it Iowa style!

Well I need to rest, only a 60mile TTT tomorrow!!! AGGGGGGGGG

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dam Birds!

I love riding my bike, its kind of second nature to me now. But man, I swear I was a terrorist and the red-wing blackbirds were our awesome military soldiers! I seem to get attacked by a swarm every time out on the bike haha. A few will actually reach my helmet and find out, wow I can't harm this and run away. But anyway, some interesting rides!!!

So I dont know about anyone else, but I am so ready for the TdF. I wanna see Leipheimer win it all, and I think if his mind is in the right spot he can. Also...Vino will have a good chance, he has earned it.

Busy week coming up tomorrow....Group ride, uh oh!!! Eastburn is back from France, this could suck!!!
Sat. is Conns TwoBee race and Sunday is the State Team Time Trial.

Next week, Im headed up to Northfield for a crit, sounds like this guy will be there, so it will be good to have a familiar face to follow!

Then next Sunday will be BBQ, where I think I am just gonna take those nice HED Wheels off their hands :)

Have a good week!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Are we there yet?

Today Jimmy Carrico and I met up in Solon after doing an hour or so of intervals separate. Then we headed down to McBride and instead of turning to IC on Sugerbottom Rd, we went into N. Liberty to little Jimmy could get some granola bars. We then headed out West from N. Liberty on a road I thought would take us into Walford, 5 miles from CR. But NO!!! We kept going longer and farther, and by the time we knew it!! WE WERE IN AMANA!! haha OOPS!

It was getting dark out so we called up Jimmy's dad, and he ran out and got us. We did both get a box of Oatmeal Creme Pies!! YUM

So all in all it did only turn out to be 50 miles, and not the 200 we thought ;) But good training for BBQ and State RR coming up!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Green Days

Took the time out of my Sat. to drive over to Des Moines for the race. Part of me didnt think it was a good idea, no cash, short crit, stuff like that. But boy was it a fun race. I decided to go and get some 4's racing under my belt. Started out pretty fast with Moritz attacking quite a few times. Its funny to hear that he is a marked man by the field, yelling "Moritz" when he goes. Poor Brian. About 15 min. into the race, I attacked the field, hoping to pull some people with me. Didn't happen, so I was by myself for 2 laps before being re-taken by the pack.

Sat in for the rest of the race, did chase one break and ran my wheels into the curb, because I wasnt looking...nearly going over. Thad and Pete both told me how good the save was, but I was just embarrassed to have it happen in front of the field haha. Oh well.

Came around the last corner in 6th place, and ended up 7th. I had a lot of fun, and hope to be in contention in all the 4's races to come!!

Congrats to Pedros, All 9 on a great showing at the end.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Night at the Oval

Tonight was the first night I could do my teams race out at the Oval. A good turnout, raced in the A Group. This contained Chris Reed, Ian Robinson, Dennis Grelk, a guy from ABD Elite Team, Josh Tack, Landon Beechy and a couple guys from 2 Bee, so it was pretty intense. I hung in every race, chased a couple attacks and even put in a few of my own in the Outside, Middle, Inner Loop race which was speedy and some sharp cornering!

I hope this riding that I do with higher cat riders and faster guys will eventually land me a spot in the 3's and maybe in the 1,2's someday, that is the ultimate dream!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hummer Hammer

so today was my first official race as a Cat 4. It was a 4/5 race, I have done those before, but it was awsome to think I was racing for money!!! and points. Race was quite fast, I think 23 avg. Tried to stick to the wheels of guys I know...Thad, Basso, Steve just because they know where to be in a 4's field. It was however to be a 3rd place sprint as Moritz put in a great attack with a MAC guy and stayed away for the whole race. Basso ended up getting the sprint for 3rd, nice job buddy.

I was boxed towards the back of the line on the last 2 180 turns which doesnt allow for much space to move up and had to settle for 16th. Out of 47 riders, that doesnt make me to mad, I was happy to hang in with the lead group of 4's and hope to be in the top by the end of the year.