Monday, June 18, 2007

Green Days

Took the time out of my Sat. to drive over to Des Moines for the race. Part of me didnt think it was a good idea, no cash, short crit, stuff like that. But boy was it a fun race. I decided to go and get some 4's racing under my belt. Started out pretty fast with Moritz attacking quite a few times. Its funny to hear that he is a marked man by the field, yelling "Moritz" when he goes. Poor Brian. About 15 min. into the race, I attacked the field, hoping to pull some people with me. Didn't happen, so I was by myself for 2 laps before being re-taken by the pack.

Sat in for the rest of the race, did chase one break and ran my wheels into the curb, because I wasnt looking...nearly going over. Thad and Pete both told me how good the save was, but I was just embarrassed to have it happen in front of the field haha. Oh well.

Came around the last corner in 6th place, and ended up 7th. I had a lot of fun, and hope to be in contention in all the 4's races to come!!

Congrats to Pedros, All 9 on a great showing at the end.

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