Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tech Tach Teicher

Went down to Amana for Conns TTR race. It was a decently hilly course, so obviously not to my liking!! But I was able to stay in the may group that was repeadedly attacked by Cochran and Sean Walker...ouch!

Walker finally got away, and we were forced to try and chase, it was fun......well......kinda, except for it really hurt! I think I am still recovering from the beating Chris Eastburn gave me on Thursday. Oh well, I got 3 in Cat 4, Jimmy won the 4's so that was cool.

He and I are gonna demolish BBQ race....:) And that is after I go tear up the Northfield Crit Wed. and show them how we do it Iowa style!

Well I need to rest, only a 60mile TTT tomorrow!!! AGGGGGGGGG

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