Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dam Birds!

I love riding my bike, its kind of second nature to me now. But man, I swear I was a terrorist and the red-wing blackbirds were our awesome military soldiers! I seem to get attacked by a swarm every time out on the bike haha. A few will actually reach my helmet and find out, wow I can't harm this and run away. But anyway, some interesting rides!!!

So I dont know about anyone else, but I am so ready for the TdF. I wanna see Leipheimer win it all, and I think if his mind is in the right spot he can. Also...Vino will have a good chance, he has earned it.

Busy week coming up tomorrow....Group ride, uh oh!!! Eastburn is back from France, this could suck!!!
Sat. is Conns TwoBee race and Sunday is the State Team Time Trial.

Next week, Im headed up to Northfield for a crit, sounds like this guy will be there, so it will be good to have a familiar face to follow!

Then next Sunday will be BBQ, where I think I am just gonna take those nice HED Wheels off their hands :)

Have a good week!!!


Jimbo said...

Leipheimer doesn't have a chance. BTW, I can't do that race in MN cuz I have to work....ack. Anyways next and you.

Jimbo said...

Yeah tell me about it sometime. I hope I can do that one sometime, but this time I was looking for a ride with more people and some more time, and it was more convenient timewise to go up with Steve. Time. Time to go.