Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kent Park

What a race!!! Kent Park is an awsome course, I actually enjoyed it for the most part, beyond the struggling!

I stayed in the lead group of Cat 5's, and we caught some stragglers from the other groups. Noticed the guys were faltering on the hills so I broke the group apart. After doing this on the 5th lap, we dropped all but 4, and us 4 stayed together till the end of the racewhere I was able to win the uphill sprint to the line. 2 Cat 5's had gotten away earlier in the race and so I settled for 3rd I believe!

Oh well, Kudos to Conn for another great race! He and the rest of Two Bee did an awsome job getting the course ready.

Good job to everyone!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cody Race 1

Raced in Davenport this weekend. This course was a great warm up for Kent Park. Hills and fast paced!

Got thrown out the back on the major climb of the 2nd lap. Stuck in with mostly Dice guys and a couple ICCC guys in the 2nd big pack. Finished 18th, 2nd for Cat 5. My uphill sprint needs a little bit of work, So I learn not to downshift 1 to many!!!

It was a fun race though, I had fun the whole race!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Prairie Rude

Raced the first day of the year today at a very technical Prairie Rude Days in CR. Conn always puts on a great race and this was a great race. I could tell the form isnt there yet, hopefully better for Kent Park next week. Also slid out on a corner right after the 2bee man in front slid out, nothing wrong to the bike, just a very little strawberry on the left leg. I had fun though, and was glad to get back into the cycling experience!

Ended up 18th, and won Cat 5

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kent we come!!

I am so happy the weather is getting nice. Put in some good miles last week and hope for another good week on the bike getting ready for my first try at Kent Park!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and see you in Tiffin!