Saturday, March 28, 2009


So I don't believe there will be any road racing this spring in Iowa. Snow will be here til May, and then the ground will be so saturated that flooding will happen again. Anyone agree?

Unbelievable weather, I went out for my ride today and by the time I got 1 hour, I was covered in about an inch of snow.

Maybe see you all around.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring...I don't think so

So its 29 degree's right now, nearing the end of March.

Sunday, it's only supposed to be about 27 at race time for Kent Park, that is f-ing cold!!!!!!! I don't even know if it will be fun racing in that weather.

This week has not been a fun spring break....rain and cold temperatures. Oh well, had some good rides this week regardless, have seen friends, gotten some things done, and overall just relaxed from the pressures of double major at Luther.

See you Sunday for the freeze fest.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break...

In CR for the week. What a great week, I am sitting on the couch right now watching tennis and looking out the window. Rain, Mist, and 20+ mph winds. I feel as though I should go join Amanda and crew up in Belgium/France for the spring. May be a bit better, or at least warmer. Oh well, might as well get used to riding in it.

Training has been going great, getting in some nice long miles in hilly Decorah area. I was going to peak for Altoona, but now I don't know what to peak for. I have signed up to work a couple weekends around that date now, and so may keep rolling the training program hard and peak for some WI races or Finchford.

Getting excited for Kent Park, shouldn't be to bad...upper 40's and cloudy, a lot like last year. Should be very interesting, the Dirty RR put on by All 9 are showing who to mark. Hands down, Jerome "Shrek" will be one to watch. Chad Bishop and Jimmy Carrico also putting in some good rides. All 9 has a big team signed up and will have to watch them over the spring here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

One more test to go in Exercise Physiology. Then I have to work Saturday night at Hotel Winn, then I am home to CR for the week.

Plan for a hard week of training with nothing to do but some reading and research for a presentation after break. Kent Park is next weekend, and I think I am ready to throw down. I don't know what to do this spring though, not a lot of races around WI, IA or MN. I hope the economy hasn't hurt a lot of the races for the rest of the year.

Oh well, I guess that means I will have more time to work and make money.

Any body ever wanna carpool to some races around the midwest, so I can race?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wind and Sun

Today's ride was so nice, first day without long sleeves or legs on. The weather was absolutely perfect except for the 20+mph winds. It said gusts up to 20, but I am sure sustained was almost 20 or above for the whole time. There were times going south where I was in the 39x18-20 and going maybe 15mph. Yikes!

But as everyone knows, once you turn back for home, it is smooth sailing...and that is exactly what it was.

Legs felt good after yesterdays 75miles of hurt, so I am hopefully picking up my legs!! and also got a tan!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Base Miles in Northeast Iowa!

Almost to Spring Break! Just one more week and I am out of here and able to train for a week with no other activities to worry about. A Global Politics quiz on Wed. and an Exercise Physiology test on Friday is it.

Worked my first shift at Hotel Winn on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, going to be a lot of standing and working on my feet, but oh well, will be different after many years at the bike shop. Work Sat. March 21st again. Also have a job at the Country Club here in Decorah, will do some groundskeeping stuff, bartender, server, driving range dude.

Back to riding though, had a long week planned and even went over after today's ride. Ended up going out with Novian Whitsitt, Lee Venticher, Sarge, Ben Shockey and Stig. It was a great day to ride, left at 11AM with some southern winds blowing at us. Hit up a 75 mile loop, did it in 4 hours. Great roads and a good base building day!

Sorry to see Altoona and Big Creek gone, these were great races, but I am sure it is extremely hard to put on a race and keep it going. Might have to find another race to do now in WI or MN.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Iowa Weather.

So 4 days ago, I was riding in shorts and a long sleeve jersey, and still sweating. Yesterday, I was bundled up in 3 layers trying not to freeze with the rain/wind/snow and wet roads. I wish I could go to AZ or down south like a lot of people and train.

School has been starting to interfere with my cycling time, but since I have to be a good student, because I am paying 38,000 a year to go to college, I know its best I study. Still getting some good training in, and I am just waiting for Kent Park.

Alberto Contador absolutely set the tone in the prologue today in Paris-Nice. Wow, he is amazing. I look forward to Astana, racing all the big races this year. Looked like the riders were having fun in the rain.

Also looks like the Dirty RR #1 had a lot of slush to deal with. Looks like it was some good racing. Just makes me wanna race.

Hopefully the weather holds out this week, for some good training.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little update.....

Been real busy last week with some tests and training. Riding is coming along good, legs feel they are coming on strong!!! I'm sure not ready to deal with Cat 3 Roller Dude....... absolutely sick time man! Will be good racing with you this spring. I know All 9 Yards will have a strong Cat 3 team this year with Shrek, Robinson Bros, Doug K and I know some others un-named. Jimmy will be good from ICCC. Without the Bikes 2 You guys dominating our races, I am eager to see how the races play out!

What great weather today here in the hilly portion of Iowa. And hills are what I had plenty to deal with today. I love doing mile long climbs into 15mph headwinds!!!! I have 2 weeks to go until Spring Break!!!! Get a good solid week of training in leading up to Kent Park and then Altoona the weekend after!!