Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little update.....

Been real busy last week with some tests and training. Riding is coming along good, legs feel they are coming on strong!!! I'm sure not ready to deal with Cat 3 Roller Dude....... absolutely sick time man! Will be good racing with you this spring. I know All 9 Yards will have a strong Cat 3 team this year with Shrek, Robinson Bros, Doug K and I know some others un-named. Jimmy will be good from ICCC. Without the Bikes 2 You guys dominating our races, I am eager to see how the races play out!

What great weather today here in the hilly portion of Iowa. And hills are what I had plenty to deal with today. I love doing mile long climbs into 15mph headwinds!!!! I have 2 weeks to go until Spring Break!!!! Get a good solid week of training in leading up to Kent Park and then Altoona the weekend after!!

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Chad Bishop said...

Hey, cat 3 roller dude here. Funny. Thanks for the mention.

Lots of upgrading happened out of the 3's so I will now become a great fan of watching the Cat 1,2, field race. Though, I agree, we should have some really great battles this year in the Cat 3 division.

I suppose I better start riding some hills outside as well.