Sunday, March 8, 2009

Iowa Weather.

So 4 days ago, I was riding in shorts and a long sleeve jersey, and still sweating. Yesterday, I was bundled up in 3 layers trying not to freeze with the rain/wind/snow and wet roads. I wish I could go to AZ or down south like a lot of people and train.

School has been starting to interfere with my cycling time, but since I have to be a good student, because I am paying 38,000 a year to go to college, I know its best I study. Still getting some good training in, and I am just waiting for Kent Park.

Alberto Contador absolutely set the tone in the prologue today in Paris-Nice. Wow, he is amazing. I look forward to Astana, racing all the big races this year. Looked like the riders were having fun in the rain.

Also looks like the Dirty RR #1 had a lot of slush to deal with. Looks like it was some good racing. Just makes me wanna race.

Hopefully the weather holds out this week, for some good training.

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