Sunday, March 15, 2009

Base Miles in Northeast Iowa!

Almost to Spring Break! Just one more week and I am out of here and able to train for a week with no other activities to worry about. A Global Politics quiz on Wed. and an Exercise Physiology test on Friday is it.

Worked my first shift at Hotel Winn on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, going to be a lot of standing and working on my feet, but oh well, will be different after many years at the bike shop. Work Sat. March 21st again. Also have a job at the Country Club here in Decorah, will do some groundskeeping stuff, bartender, server, driving range dude.

Back to riding though, had a long week planned and even went over after today's ride. Ended up going out with Novian Whitsitt, Lee Venticher, Sarge, Ben Shockey and Stig. It was a great day to ride, left at 11AM with some southern winds blowing at us. Hit up a 75 mile loop, did it in 4 hours. Great roads and a good base building day!

Sorry to see Altoona and Big Creek gone, these were great races, but I am sure it is extremely hard to put on a race and keep it going. Might have to find another race to do now in WI or MN.

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