Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break...

In CR for the week. What a great week, I am sitting on the couch right now watching tennis and looking out the window. Rain, Mist, and 20+ mph winds. I feel as though I should go join Amanda and crew up in Belgium/France for the spring. May be a bit better, or at least warmer. Oh well, might as well get used to riding in it.

Training has been going great, getting in some nice long miles in hilly Decorah area. I was going to peak for Altoona, but now I don't know what to peak for. I have signed up to work a couple weekends around that date now, and so may keep rolling the training program hard and peak for some WI races or Finchford.

Getting excited for Kent Park, shouldn't be to bad...upper 40's and cloudy, a lot like last year. Should be very interesting, the Dirty RR put on by All 9 are showing who to mark. Hands down, Jerome "Shrek" will be one to watch. Chad Bishop and Jimmy Carrico also putting in some good rides. All 9 has a big team signed up and will have to watch them over the spring here.

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Chad Bishop said...

Yeah, there are a lot of Cat 3 riders entered in kent park this year, and not as many Cat 4's or Cat 1/2's entered as in year's past. Yeah, Jerome is definately serious this year, and raced to perfection last sunday at Dirty RR #3.

Bikes 2 You is having a crit in august, plus the state rr, and des moines crit and rasmussen crit, so plan on some august peak events as well.