Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break!

Writing this from Minneapolis, Minnesota as I await my flights tomorrow with Bethany down to Hollywood, Florida. Will be spending the week with her at her aunt and uncles house in sunny and warm weather. Spent the morning at the D3 national swim meet at the U of M, watching 3 fellow swimmers compete. A great end to the season for them.

Last 4 weeks have yielded some great training in my legs, much more than I ever have gotten in by this time of the season. Extremely excited to get onto the race scene here in April. While in Florida, will be taking a well deserved rest week and spending less time on the bike and making the time count, and spending quite a bit of time on the beach. Looking ahead, should see some foreign races on my schedule first. As a part of Mercy-Specialized, I will be attending Hillsboro Roubaix for my first race. A chance to test my legs as a newly christened cat 2. Iowa City weekend should be next and then the first big test will be competing in the Joe Martin Stage Race in Fayettville, Arkansas.

From there, depending on where I will end up going to graduate school kind of determines my racing schedule. I would like to go to Tour of Ohio, Tour of America's Dairyland and some other regional races. Hope to compete in most of the local racing scene in Minnesota,Wisconsin and Iowa as well.

Excited to get home after Spring Break as I will be able to pick up my gear and new team bike from the great guys at Geoffs in Iowa City!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lactic Acid and VO2 Max Test

This week marks my 3rd week on the bike and great time it has been so far. The first week of training I spent on the trainer just getting the leg muscles in shape again and not having to brave the elements. A good week with over 10 hours.

Then last week I was able to get outside and start my LT intervals which made the legs ache all week, but hey, a good sign. Ended the week on Sunday with a good 3 hour whipping by Novian Whitsit. A greatweek and about 15 hours on the bike.

This week will be a lot of the same stuff, trying to build up my time training above lactic threshold. Should have another great week and a bunch of time before I head to Florida in 2 weeks with Bethany for spring break. Today, I was asked by our Exercise Physiology class to come in and perform a Lactic Threshold/VO2 max. Being in the class last year, I knew what it entailed and the pain that would come with it. Last years numbers had my lactic threshold around 300 watts and a VO2 max of 60.2 was recorded. At the end of the test today, I was pleasantly surprised with the numbers. My lactic threshold was around 330watts and my VO2 max had lept up 5 points, up to 65.4. This is a respectable number in the Cat 2 field which I hope bodes well for this season!

I am anxious to get the season started and in one of my next few posts will get some pictures of training and my tentative race schedule posted.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cycling Season 2010

So my swim career has finally come to a close. Our final meet was Feb. 18-20 down in Elsha, IL, right across the river from St. Louis at Principia College. This college is Christian Science in denomination and in the middle of no where. A very nice facility, but if you need athletic training or pain meds, you better bring your own. Their religion doesn't believe in artificial medicine. The meet went very well, I had all but one lifetime swim, and placed 15th, 5th and 12th in my respective events (200IM, 400IM and 200Back). Bethany also had a great meet and placed 2nd in both IM's and 3rd in the 200back. She capped off an excellent career. It was very weird leaving that pool and knowing I will never compete scholastically again in any sport. I have swam for 11 years, and now won't have to get up at 5:30am every morning from October-February anymore! WOO HOO.

Moving on to the bike, I didn't take a day off and started on the bike last week on Monday. Figured I am already about 1 month behind all the other cyclists, in terms of cycling legs. Spent a good deal of time on the trainer just getting the muscle fibers moving again. One day of riding outside happened on Sunday and it was great, finally above 32 degrees! I put in 11 hours last week and already feeling better. Now onto this week, I will hopefully increase the time a bit but increase the time at LT. Ready to put in some good intervals and feel that burn. One month to go until I am on the beach with Bethany in Florida. It will be awesome, her Aunt and Uncle live in Hollywood, Florida, just north of Ft. Lauderdale. They live on the intercoastal waterway and have jetskis, boats, a pool and some nice cars! Ron is an avid biker and will be graciously lending me his bike that week. So with 60 plus degree temps, I hope to get some great training on before I come back and get into racing in April.

Now I have to go try and concentrate on Histology and my senior paper. School is starting to hit the backburner already and I have 2 months to go...UH OH! Also, should be finding out about graduate schools this week. St. Scholastica has already sent me their letter of acceptance, so that is a good sign. I don't know if Duluth, is the best place to go however. Still very cold and wintery up there!

Look forward to seeing everyone again.