Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long-Overdue Update!

Hey blogger world!

Sitting here taking some time to update my life. While racing has been over since the state road race, I have taken some time off the bike to get into my graduate program here at UNI. It is going pretty well, I only have two tests the whole semester, but 3x15 page papers or so. Pretty much as though I am writing my senior paper all over again. This if fine with me as I get to choose the topics to research! My class schedule is as follows:

Adv. Exercise Physiology
Topics in Strength and Conditioning
Sport Psychology
Lab Instrumentation

Each class has its set of work to be done, but each also ties in with one another, and makes it better than four differing classes at a liberal arts school such as Luther. I do miss Luther though, and it has been tough not having a swim team for support. It has also been hard to be away from my family and friends in Decorah. But enough of the negatives, there aren't many!

I came to UNI with the idea of creating a cycling club in order to race next spring in the NCCCC conference. Well a few weeks have passed and I am pleased to announce the UNI Cycling Club. We are going to have a racing faction, but also have ideas/plans to increase bicycle advocacy around Cedar Falls. This will include "Share the Road" stuff, Bike Garages, Bike Lanes and trying to reduce the number of cars on the roads driving less than 5 miles to places! Will keep updates on here and the cycling website! Stay tuned, and if anyone is interested in sponsorship, please contact me!

Cycling has been hit or miss, and I took a week off the bike last week for a post-season break. Now I have my cyclocross bike built up and will be starting to ride my gravels and such with the gang here and do some cross racing. Never have done it, but I am looking forward to it! Have watched Jingle Cross a few times in the past. Here is bike: pretty cheap frame (Scattante) with better than average components (105).

Also since my last post, I did end up getting a new car towards the end of summer. Thank you to my Dad for locating such a great deal! This Saturn LW300 had only 66,000 miles on it, for being a 2002. Looked brand new on outside, and when you looked under the hood, it was as though it had never been driven. We are thinking it was a professors car, who didn't end up driving to campus or an older couple who didn't drive much! Has worked amazing so far. No 4x4, but much better gas mileage and still the storage for my bikes!

I will hopefully update a little bit more now that I have my classes under way and will be riding more for fitness than nose-saddle training as during the summer! Pictures of bikes and friends!

Hope all is well!