Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old Capital Crit Race Report

Been a bit since my last post so I will update you on school and training, about the only things I am doing. School is winding down, and I just finished editing my senior paper, a total of 40 pages. The paper was written on Nutrition in Endurance Athletes. Couldn't believe I wrote that much one one subject, but it was very interesting to research and I will present on May 12th to the HPE faculty.

So back to the main priority of life :) Cycling

This week was good, putting in over 15 hours on the bike with 2 VO2 days and a couple longer tempo rides with the boys up here in Decorah.

Had the swim banquet yesterday at Luther, and then rode back with parents to Cedar Rapids for the night, so I could race Old Cap today. The threat of rain almost made me not wanna race, but have to learn how to do it sometime! A great atmosphere, and venue for the race that drags many teams from the midwest to Iowa City for battle. Steve Tilford and his team, ISCorp, Texas Roadhouse were all regional powerhouse teams that took part today. My legs were feeling more open than earlier this week so I was looking to do well.

Fast forward a couple laps and I already find myself at the back......what? I started off well and didn't really get passed by many people, but I guess the insane pass set by Texas Roadhouse at the front popped off guys earlier than me. I came unglued about 12 laps in to the race and rode tempo for a few laps before Chris Eastburn came up. We rode for another 5 laps or so before being pulled off the course. Pat Lemiuex took a great win, riding solo for all but 8 laps or so?

A big blow to the mentality so far this year, have been putting in so much more training than I ever have before, but no results to show yet. I guess it doesn't matter good your preparations are when you only start on the bike in Feb. Most of these guys have been riding all winter, or December. I guess I just have to work, work, and work some more to try and gain the fitness needed. Also need to become more comfortable at higher speeds within a pack. I have no problems being 2 inch from another persons handlebars going down a hill or cornering, but I always seem to tap the brakes when it is un-needed.

This next week is pretty chill at school, so I look to have another good week and will be incorporating more high intensity VO2 type efforts to try and find my top end speed.

Schedule coming up looks like LaCrosse Fitness Festival Criterium next Sunday and possibly Joe Martin Stage Race the week after.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First races of the season don't go that well I guess...

Having upgraded to a cat 2 this year, I knew what I was getting into in terms of race length and intensity, but not the fact that many guys have been training all winter in the south to come to races nice and fast this early in spring.

Went to Iowa City and then on to Hillsboro, Illinois for the Hillsboro Roubaix Nature Valley Grand Prix qualifier race. Only Cat 1's are able to make the 8 man team, but this meant that some strong teams and riders were going to show up. Texas Roadhouse, ISCorp, Kenda-GearGrinder, Panther Cycling all brought squads of about 8 guys. Now racing with Mercy, there was Duey, me, Ryan Neninger, John Olney and Jeff Barnes.

Got all suited up in my new kit, which is pretty nice....really like the LG shorts and chamois.

Race started pretty neutral for about 10 miles, then the crosswinds started, and immediatly it was gas on. The course is very nice in the back country of illinois, on european sized roads with chipseal. Constantly were turning left and right, so the winds didn't have great impacts right away. Coming into town, there is a nice hill through the feed zone and then a 40mph decent on cobbles. This was very hairy, having never ridden the race before.....I counted a dozen bottles coming out of bikes and even about 3 bottles with bottle cages still attached. Anyway, I made it through the first 2 laps, but coming into town on the start of the third lap, I was caught to far back in the pack and starting to cramp...As the crosswinds hit again, Texas Roadhouse put the hammer down and I was popped off. Caught up to Paul Deninger a couple miles up the road and we rolled to the finish.

A little dissapointed, but I have only been on bike for about a month, and this is my longest race ever this early in the season, so nothing but good training. Looking forward to some more road races coming up.

Sunday, I was coming back through Cedar Rapids and Mark Guthart was nice enough to let me fly the "Luther Norse" colors in the NCCC cycling confrence race at Hawkeye Downs. Raced the mens A/B race, and immediatly guys from Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas went up the road and lapped our field. With this happeneing, I had no chance of a great placing and ended up being a good hour of motorpacing. Looking to do more college when I go to graduate school next year.

Now back to school, where I totally lack motivation to keep my studies going...that is not good as I have 1 month to go before finals even start ! Training will keep going as I try to be going my best at Joe Martin.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Bike

Brand new frame with a big thanks to Geoffs Bike and Ski, Mercy Specialized and Specialized. Got it built up this weekend and ready to get it on the road and ready for Hillsboro next weekend!

Frame Size 61
Components 2010 Ultegra 6700 with Dura Ace rear derailleur

Went to Geoffs today and Kevin McConnell performed a BG Fit session. It was very informational and ended up changing cleat position, saddle position and handlebar position. Using Specialized Rro Road shoes this year, and the insoles that are inside helped a lot!

Keeping the training rolling this week, as I would like to be on top form for Joe Martin.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Training Training Training

With only 7 weeks to go of my undergraduate career at Luther, I am definitely trying to slack off and not put much emphasis on school :), at least in the classes that I don't care about. All of my graduate schools have my transcripts and I should hear from the last two soon. Minnesota State Mankato and UNI are the last, and probably the two I am looking at going.

Been putting some good quality hours on the bike this week since coming back from a rest week in Florida. 3 days in and already up to 9 hours, with another good block of training this weekend while at home in Cedar Rapids for Easter Break. Decorah has to be some of the best riding around the midwest. Being located in NE Iowa, the hills and climbing is awesome and you can easily ride on roads 1 time in a week without crossing it again. Plus it helps when you have a Cat 1 rider in Novian Whitsit to kick your ass everyday on the bike, will only get stronger! Another ex-cross country runner still living in the area, Karl "Moose" Larson is also a force to be watched.

Novian on left and Karl

Next week will be my first race as a Cat 2, and its a big one. Hillsboro Roubaix down by St. Louis. A 90 mile road race with some of the really good domestic pro teams in the midwest attending, Kenda GearGrinder, Mercy Cycling Team just to name a few. Look to be in the mix and not just sit in all the time. Going down with most of the Mercy team, should be a good squad. Jeff, Duey, Adam, Andy and myself for the pro race.

Just picked up my team gear today and will post some pictures soon of the new ride!