Monday, April 28, 2008

Old Cap. Crit

Went in today thinking there was a possibility for the double, but not totally confident. Legs felt good, lined up for the 20 lap event. Right from the bat, I  couldn't get clipped in, a guy locked his brakes up on the decent and slid out, and I had to spend 2 laps catching the leaders. Once I got through all of this, I sat on the back of the pack for a few laps. Eventually, I tried to string the race out on the top of the climb.

The laps went on and I started marking my targets for strong riders. Justin Schnee was again riding well as was Jimmy and Geoff. Last couple laps got pretty fast and rounding the last corner, I came out 4th wheel and ended up 5th. Oh well, it was a fun race. I was happy to have won on Sat. and let Geoff(ICCC) get the win. Both Jimmy and I talked to Rick, about upgrading and he said to wait until Memorial Day.

After the race, had some nice quiznoes and watched the other races with Jimmy and his girl-friend, yea...I know hard to believe!!! I think I about stole her away from him, once she saw me :)  Poor Jimmy lol. Stayed for the first parts of the Pro 1,2 Race and then headed back for the 2.5 hour drive to Decorah.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is what FORM feels like!!!

Last weekend, I threw myself out there and nearly one on a solo break...Today was a totally different race, and had to be much different tactically if you were going to do well and win. Went down to Sharon Center for the 4's RR of 39 miles.

Started off pretty slow, a couple rollers off the front but were brought back. I saw after 1 lap that the 25mph headwinds would not allow for a break, and there was only about 1 .5 mile section on the course to do damage, this was a crosswind, climb up to the left that lead to another tail wind section. I stayed mid pack for the whole race, took a couple pulls but decided that was stupid. On that climb on the 2nd lap, Justin Schnee took a (acceleration)??? up the hill, I put a bit of hammer down and climbed the hill up to him, looked back and saw some people were starting to hurt. Nothing big happened till that same hill again on the next lap. Told Jerome, Jimmy, Steve that we needed to roll that hill hard, I took a pull to the bottom and Jerome put in a nice effort up the climb. I looked back after and noticed we had about 12 guys left. My plan had worked well!!!

I then focused on the finish, knew that the group would come to a sprint, so I sat on the rest of the lap and didn't pull. No one asked or yelled at me too, so I just bided my time in the back. Coming into the final section of race, Justin took a flyer off the front and stuck it until the final uphill, I was afraid that move was gonna stick. He did a great job, just wasn't to be. The pack was gearing up for the sprint, and it was very intense, everyone was all over the road and fighting for position, rubbing elbows and such. It wasn't a typical Cat 4 sprint with one long line of guys. I liked this finish.

Come up to the sprint, Mike Edwards(Two Bee) shot through a hole and I was right on his wheel, he towed me 1/2 way up and I took over. I won by 2 bike lengths of James Carrico and Geoff from ICCC

I owe my victory to Mike Edwards, he was a good buddy all day, and took the leadout for me!!! Much appreciated dude!! I OWE YOU!!!

Now Im just relaxing ready for tomorrow, a race I hope to win, as I like it better!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Race...another Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Went down to Eagle Point for the first crit of the season, well even if there are not tight 90degree corners, it still makes for a great race in a great venue put on by the Free Flight guys. 

Only had 15 in the race or so, another poor showing more from MN, WI, Ill as guys from Des Moines it is under-stable didn't drive for the race. Started off pretty fast, like a normal Iowa Crit, and by the end of the 3rd lap or so..we were down to 7 riders. I saw some guys already trying to cut out on pulls or falling behind on some of the pulls, I put in an acceleration, looked back and I was by myself. I decided to grow some balls and go for it, so I was by myself for 7 laps. I could always see the gap at around the same time gap, but with 2 laps to go, I just messed up another race and didn't put the hammer down. I was caught at the start of the last lap, and sat in.....sprinted for 3rd. I  was so mad at myself, I had great legs and if I just wouldn't have been a pussy, probably would have won. 

Oh well, went out for 2 hours today...tempo and the legs felt good. Im confident for the weekend in Iowa City, one of my big objectives for the year. 

Monday, April 14, 2008

Roubaix here and gone!

Went to Finchford yesterday for the Finchford Roubaix race put on by Bike Tech. A great race, even got a free t-shirt!!! Race started out pitifully, 16 Cat 4 racers are all that were present at the race. By the the time the 2nd lap finished, I think we pretty much had the field down to 8 guys or so, soon it was 6, then 5 with 2 laps to go. On the last lap, I made an acceleration up the triple top hill and dropped Kevin T. 4 of us took it to the line and I messed up a great spot chance for a win. Sitting 4th wheel out of 4 going into a headwind uphill finish, I switch into my low chain ring for some stupid reason thinking of cadence and such going up the hill, but totally not thinking about sprint power and speed. So yea, I got 4th out of 4 at the end. Andrew F. won the race, Jimmy 2nd and Jerome 3rd. It was awesome to race next to these 3 yesterday, we all worked well together and had a good time despite the cold and windy conditions. I made more money then I spent going down, so it was a good day.

Props to Chad Bishop!!! First 3's race and he wins haha

Today my legs felt sluggish, but have pushed my day off to Tuesday's because of swim lessons and class schedules. Went out for 2.5 and did 50miles.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Monsoon Season!!!

So this weather is good....all the grass will get green and such. Yea if it doesn't DIE!

I can't believe this winter, seriously it needs to be done. I am sick of riding inside on the trainer and such. It is supposed to be like 65degrees now, and its 35, that sucks.

Finchford Sunday, and then next Friday I get to do a maximal test for my Principles of Fit. Assessment Class. Pretty much I ride on the Bike Ergometer for as long as I can, as hard as I can until I am going to throw up. Should be fun!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Altoona Weekend

Probably the best weekend of racing I have had!!! Yes, it beats last years Memorial Day.

Drove down Friday night and stayed at a Days Inn in Ankeny, much cheaper then in Des Moines itself, went to IHOP for some grub good!!

Got up Saturday and drove to the race in Altoona, set up at an elementary school, very nice place. Thanks to All 9 for all they did this weekend, it was well organized and put together, huge props to all of you.
57 of us took off at the start of the 4's/5's race into what would be considered gale force winds. As we hit the first headwind/crosswind sections the pace picked up and we were strung out on the edge of the right side of the highway in single file as the field was being guttered. This was kind of the story for the entire race, we only brought like 17 guys to the line at the finish, showing that the attrition factor was big and guys dropped off. The last lap itself was very slow, at a stand still or (nearly fall over) speed. I was sitting on the front at one point, and a wind gust came up and nearly blew me bike was probably at 45 degree angle. As we reached the last 2 mile tailwind to the finish, I found my wheel and stayed to weight. Loomis went early and held a big gap, I knew it was dangerous but didn't want to chase it down. Sure enough he came back to us and on the right hand side of the road Bill Ford and a Proctor guy came. I grabbed their wheel but somehow they got a gap, at the end I came across 4th after giving some guy a nice leadout. It was a fun race!!!

Sunday looked as tho it was going to be pouring during our race. Luckily it didn't, even though the winds were even stronger on the 5 mile circuit around Big Creek Park. Went off with a little smaller field today..30??
Turning into the headwind section on the 2nd lap, I made an acceleration and gapped the field, I was soon joined by 8 guys and this proved to be the winning break. We echeloned very nicely and built up a 1 min. lead. After a few laps, we were joined somehow by 4 guys, great job getting up to us. 2 Laps to go is when chaos started, guys were starting to not take their pulls.

This is where I make it official. Turning into the headwind, I had just got done pulling, and was dropping back and no one was pulling after another rider, I jumped over and pulled again, this time a rider was on my wheel. He didn't pull through. I was getting very frustrated of pulling and no one helping, so I stood up and looked back. I felt a wheel, looked back and saw a pileup of riders on the ground.
I am really sorry for this, it wasn't a smart move on my part, but I am standing by myside as well....of getting very frustrated and not wanting to pull more then I had to. I really hope that no one is going to be pissed at me for to long, I know I made a mistake, but It wasn't all my fault.

So anyway, I waited for the guys who could keep going and we rolled on. We dropped all but 6 of us on the last headwind section. 2 Peoria guys, Loomis, Andrew F, Jay G and myself. We chilled until about 2 miles to go, then one of the Peoria guys jumped, Andrew jumped on him and had a gap, I was forced to chase andrew. Loomis and the other guy from Peoria went around and caught Andrew, I was able to get their wheel, but a they started the sprint and I couldn't keep it. I started my sprint, but was out done by Jay G at the line. Another 4th, two of them in two days.
I am thinking of upgrading to the 3's, but I think I need another top 5 to get enough points. We will see how Finchford goes.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So I'm happy to be in college, if only the homework would go away and I could bike my life away!!!
Went out for a couple hours of slugfest with a brisk wind from the south, ohhhh probably 10-15mph. The first 45min had a lot of time spent in the 39CR but still managing some good numbers on my first day outside on the powertap. (Thanks Paul).

After 1H30Min came around, I did my interval for the day, absolutely flying, of course it was because of a tail wind of the same speed as said earlier, but hey....its fast!!! I got back from my ride and I was stunned by the numbers I had put out. It pretty much made my day, to know Im already putting out better numbers now then I did all of last year!!

I am so ready for Altoona....or as my distance buddies and I from swimteam put on our pants we got for Lane 4 distance swimmers. GGGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! WERE (I'M) READY!!!!

alright, time to go get some grub, teach some swim lessons and get some homework done. I hope everyone got out to enjoy the day!!