Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is what FORM feels like!!!

Last weekend, I threw myself out there and nearly one on a solo break...Today was a totally different race, and had to be much different tactically if you were going to do well and win. Went down to Sharon Center for the 4's RR of 39 miles.

Started off pretty slow, a couple rollers off the front but were brought back. I saw after 1 lap that the 25mph headwinds would not allow for a break, and there was only about 1 .5 mile section on the course to do damage, this was a crosswind, climb up to the left that lead to another tail wind section. I stayed mid pack for the whole race, took a couple pulls but decided that was stupid. On that climb on the 2nd lap, Justin Schnee took a (acceleration)??? up the hill, I put a bit of hammer down and climbed the hill up to him, looked back and saw some people were starting to hurt. Nothing big happened till that same hill again on the next lap. Told Jerome, Jimmy, Steve that we needed to roll that hill hard, I took a pull to the bottom and Jerome put in a nice effort up the climb. I looked back after and noticed we had about 12 guys left. My plan had worked well!!!

I then focused on the finish, knew that the group would come to a sprint, so I sat on the rest of the lap and didn't pull. No one asked or yelled at me too, so I just bided my time in the back. Coming into the final section of race, Justin took a flyer off the front and stuck it until the final uphill, I was afraid that move was gonna stick. He did a great job, just wasn't to be. The pack was gearing up for the sprint, and it was very intense, everyone was all over the road and fighting for position, rubbing elbows and such. It wasn't a typical Cat 4 sprint with one long line of guys. I liked this finish.

Come up to the sprint, Mike Edwards(Two Bee) shot through a hole and I was right on his wheel, he towed me 1/2 way up and I took over. I won by 2 bike lengths of James Carrico and Geoff from ICCC

I owe my victory to Mike Edwards, he was a good buddy all day, and took the leadout for me!!! Much appreciated dude!! I OWE YOU!!!

Now Im just relaxing ready for tomorrow, a race I hope to win, as I like it better!!!!!

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