Monday, April 7, 2008

Altoona Weekend

Probably the best weekend of racing I have had!!! Yes, it beats last years Memorial Day.

Drove down Friday night and stayed at a Days Inn in Ankeny, much cheaper then in Des Moines itself, went to IHOP for some grub good!!

Got up Saturday and drove to the race in Altoona, set up at an elementary school, very nice place. Thanks to All 9 for all they did this weekend, it was well organized and put together, huge props to all of you.
57 of us took off at the start of the 4's/5's race into what would be considered gale force winds. As we hit the first headwind/crosswind sections the pace picked up and we were strung out on the edge of the right side of the highway in single file as the field was being guttered. This was kind of the story for the entire race, we only brought like 17 guys to the line at the finish, showing that the attrition factor was big and guys dropped off. The last lap itself was very slow, at a stand still or (nearly fall over) speed. I was sitting on the front at one point, and a wind gust came up and nearly blew me bike was probably at 45 degree angle. As we reached the last 2 mile tailwind to the finish, I found my wheel and stayed to weight. Loomis went early and held a big gap, I knew it was dangerous but didn't want to chase it down. Sure enough he came back to us and on the right hand side of the road Bill Ford and a Proctor guy came. I grabbed their wheel but somehow they got a gap, at the end I came across 4th after giving some guy a nice leadout. It was a fun race!!!

Sunday looked as tho it was going to be pouring during our race. Luckily it didn't, even though the winds were even stronger on the 5 mile circuit around Big Creek Park. Went off with a little smaller field today..30??
Turning into the headwind section on the 2nd lap, I made an acceleration and gapped the field, I was soon joined by 8 guys and this proved to be the winning break. We echeloned very nicely and built up a 1 min. lead. After a few laps, we were joined somehow by 4 guys, great job getting up to us. 2 Laps to go is when chaos started, guys were starting to not take their pulls.

This is where I make it official. Turning into the headwind, I had just got done pulling, and was dropping back and no one was pulling after another rider, I jumped over and pulled again, this time a rider was on my wheel. He didn't pull through. I was getting very frustrated of pulling and no one helping, so I stood up and looked back. I felt a wheel, looked back and saw a pileup of riders on the ground.
I am really sorry for this, it wasn't a smart move on my part, but I am standing by myside as well....of getting very frustrated and not wanting to pull more then I had to. I really hope that no one is going to be pissed at me for to long, I know I made a mistake, but It wasn't all my fault.

So anyway, I waited for the guys who could keep going and we rolled on. We dropped all but 6 of us on the last headwind section. 2 Peoria guys, Loomis, Andrew F, Jay G and myself. We chilled until about 2 miles to go, then one of the Peoria guys jumped, Andrew jumped on him and had a gap, I was forced to chase andrew. Loomis and the other guy from Peoria went around and caught Andrew, I was able to get their wheel, but a they started the sprint and I couldn't keep it. I started my sprint, but was out done by Jay G at the line. Another 4th, two of them in two days.
I am thinking of upgrading to the 3's, but I think I need another top 5 to get enough points. We will see how Finchford goes.


Anonymous said...

You Stood up at the front of the group, and unnecessarily swerved out of frustrationg, taking out several riders, and you think you should upgrade to a 3?

Anonymous said...

Carson, that's a very impressive weekend of racing. Upgrading to a 3 would only strengthen our team. Don't be discouraged by the anonymous comments.

Carson said...

alright, well i expect these responses to come. I know it was my fault, alright...I already feel bad.


Anonymous said...

"joined somehow" = pedaling really hard for an hour (4 laps)


Tater said...

Did somebody run it to you because you hesitated or did somebody run into you because you shot your bike back. I wasn't there so I can't judge but it may be just as much the fault of the rider behind you either not paying attention, or overlapping your wheel. Who is anonymous BTW. Don't they know posting like that pisses everybody off.

Anonymous said...

BTW....Don't upgrade. You will hate yourself for it come memorial day


Carson said...

I stood up, I don't think my bike went backwards, but my bike went to the left. I think Andrew F was on overlapping it, and I went into his front wheel?? I think.

Jimmy Carrico said...

it sounds like it was the crosswinds fault. stupid geological patterns.

I didnt' get my upgrade to a 3, how embarrassing.