Monday, April 14, 2008

Roubaix here and gone!

Went to Finchford yesterday for the Finchford Roubaix race put on by Bike Tech. A great race, even got a free t-shirt!!! Race started out pitifully, 16 Cat 4 racers are all that were present at the race. By the the time the 2nd lap finished, I think we pretty much had the field down to 8 guys or so, soon it was 6, then 5 with 2 laps to go. On the last lap, I made an acceleration up the triple top hill and dropped Kevin T. 4 of us took it to the line and I messed up a great spot chance for a win. Sitting 4th wheel out of 4 going into a headwind uphill finish, I switch into my low chain ring for some stupid reason thinking of cadence and such going up the hill, but totally not thinking about sprint power and speed. So yea, I got 4th out of 4 at the end. Andrew F. won the race, Jimmy 2nd and Jerome 3rd. It was awesome to race next to these 3 yesterday, we all worked well together and had a good time despite the cold and windy conditions. I made more money then I spent going down, so it was a good day.

Props to Chad Bishop!!! First 3's race and he wins haha

Today my legs felt sluggish, but have pushed my day off to Tuesday's because of swim lessons and class schedules. Went out for 2.5 and did 50miles.


Chad Bishop said...

Thanks for the props, and congrats on another 4th place finish.

unnamed said...

nice race today

unnamed said...

speedy gonzalez...haha...ha