Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So I'm happy to be in college, if only the homework would go away and I could bike my life away!!!
Went out for a couple hours of slugfest with a brisk wind from the south, ohhhh probably 10-15mph. The first 45min had a lot of time spent in the 39CR but still managing some good numbers on my first day outside on the powertap. (Thanks Paul).

After 1H30Min came around, I did my interval for the day, absolutely flying, of course it was because of a tail wind of the same speed as said earlier, but hey....its fast!!! I got back from my ride and I was stunned by the numbers I had put out. It pretty much made my day, to know Im already putting out better numbers now then I did all of last year!!

I am so ready for Altoona....or as my distance buddies and I from swimteam put on our pants we got for Lane 4 distance swimmers. GGGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! WERE (I'M) READY!!!!

alright, time to go get some grub, teach some swim lessons and get some homework done. I hope everyone got out to enjoy the day!!

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Jimmy Carrico said...

i'll be there but she won't