Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kent Park

First real race of the season....Kent Park.

Great field...I think 15 Cat 4's? We all bridged up to the Cat 1's and 2's group after only a half mile or so thanks to Mike Edwards. Nice 30 min training plan bro!!! Because we had a group of 50 or so to start, things were a little sketchy with guys from each group level, but things got more comfortable after a while. Tried to spend as much time at the front, getting to know the tactics, and I did learn some good ones. Knowing when to be in the front, and how to move up in a field of many guys. I think I accomplished both very well as when the final sprint came around I was sitting 5th wheel or so? Came up the sprint finish, and a guy's chain exploded causing him to stop and causing mass panic behind haha, me included. According to Jimmy, I must have been a little mad as I thought he was lapped traffic ;) Sorry Jimmy! Finished in the top 15 out of 115 riders or so, Jimmy won the 4's with another finish to his liking!

Go back to school tomorrow......blaahhhhhh for a week of learning, and then leave Friday for Ankeny, for the Altoona and Big Creek RR's next weekend.


Jimmy Carrico said...

i meant last week when you said it next to my dad ROTFLMAO

good race today I can't wait for next week

Jimmy Carrico said...

just ride outside you pussy

Jimmy Carrico said...

yeah. hey i got a call from noyce, he's gonna gutter it with us next weekend.

Pete Basso said...

Nice job Boys!! See you both next Sunday...gotta work on Saturday but will be there on Sunday ready to rumble! Carson, eat a donut or two, and drink some beer, your looking awfully thin!

Jimmy Carrico said...

careful what you advocate pete, carson's underage lol

lets lap the field