Sunday, March 23, 2008


Got up...went to church, but didn't have lunch???? until 3ish. So I just decided to ride on the trainer and watch Milano-San Remo on Versus. Slipstream had a pretty good showing, with Julian Dean in 25th.

I traded in the beautiful outside picturesque scenery of Cedar Rapids and Linn County to watch TV, but oh well!!!
This guy is absolutely sick!!! He is 6'1, 180 lbs......99% the same as me (Im 6'2), but can push out un-Godly amounts of wattage and is a pro cyclist :) Ahh...I can only dream. He has won a stage race and 3 other races in about a month. Now I know that a fat-ass who can use power, can win :) haha

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Sean Noonan said...

Mr. Christen,

No, you did not make me mad by asking about the northfield crit. It was a joke. However, due to your assumption, you will stay pay an extra 5 dollars.

You can ask Mr. Super Rookie ( and about the varied entry fees at races I am involved in. We charged all of his friends extra. We also didn't allow dopers.

Who knows what I will make happen at the Northfield Crit. Just be wary.

And you should know, I never forget....