Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend of Relaxation!

Yesterday, I went to the twin cities as mentioned for the day. The play turned out to be quite a piece, it was all about our "H2O" supply and how we need to cherish it and save it. It had great refrences to the $3 bottles of water you can pay for in some places. It was really cool. The theatre that put it on was "The Heart of the Beast" check it out if you would like something to read about.

Today, got up and rode for 2+ with a couple guys on a pretty hilly route. 3 climbs or so of a mile or longer...and I was able to push and lead up 2 of them. Who knows, maybe I can start getting my fat ass up the climbs and be considered decent?? Who knows!!!



Jimmy Carrico said...

yeah def i think i will do the iowa city ride thursday but will ride hard saturday and sunday probably maybe friday.

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Jimmy Carrico said...

nvm can't do thursday i have to work and saturday i will probably race at macbride. if you want to we should carpool.