Friday, March 28, 2008

Death by Cost of Life?

I can't believe how stupid our planet is right now. My tuition at Luther next year is 36000?? WHY THE HELL IS IT THAT MUCH!!! I just can't see how they can increase tuition by 7% in one year, how do they expect kids to be able to pay for college, with parents who make to much to meet financial aid. It doesn't matter how much parents make, the schools need to help with the costs, if they want the economy to ever be prosperous. Kids paying back tuition for half of their lives will not help this feet.

Also, gas is stupid. Our economy is not the cause of the gas problem, nor are we in a shortage of gas as many people say. OPEC and Chavez and others are just money hungry punks, who are actually doing what anyone should do. We are a country who will pay anything for gas, so we can drive, me included. I have stopped driving so much as I drive a blazer, not the greatest. If only people would realize...if we stopped buying gas for a week, or the summer and rode our bikes and or used alternative means of transportation....we would see the gas prices fall dramatically. Trek, Specialized, Surly, many other names all make good commuter bikes, and I don't see why people can't get off their fat asses and use alternative means of transportation. Bikes, Buses, Subways...anything but driving cars.

If only we could go to the river and fill up with H2O.

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