Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Race of the Season

Went down to McBride today with Mac for Conns Long and Grinding Road Race. 2 hours on a slightly hilly/downhill course. Got there, and it was bout 29 degrees, but by the time we started racing, it was fine. After a while we started popping riders, and with about 1 hour left, we had 10 riders or so.

Jimmy Carrico and Chad Bishop were on fire today, def. the guys to watch in the next few weeks - summer. For only 3 weeks of training, I was very surprised to stay in the pack, even though with about 4 laps to go, I was on the rivet. By the time the spring came, I just sat and coasted across for 8th out of 9 or something :) It was a fun race, got to race with a bunch of 1's and 2's, great for the experience.

This next week, I will be working at the bike shop for a few hours then out for some training as Kent Park is 8 days away!!!! I am so ready!

I guess I made Noonan mad by asking a question about a crit later this summer. I owe 5 extra dollars on my entry fee :) Hopefully he forgets!

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Chad Bishop said...

Yeah, very cold but worth the trip. That was a great field of riders. We raced over 40 miles, so definately a great preparation ride for kent park and the rest of the season, good to see you fired up to kick some tail in the 4's this year.

I am watching the pre-registered list on the two-bee website for kent park to scope out the competition. So far 11 Cat 4's. Last year there ended up being 30 total, so I imagine it will be about the same this year, which means there are still a lot of fast riders yet to sign up in our category. But hey, that is what makes it fun.