Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Winter Biking Gloves" aren't gloves for winter!

Went out today for 90min, wore some Nike specific Winter Gloves and I tell ya, they are not warm after about an hour!! My fingers started to sting and such, as I am sure you have all experience at some point. I didn't think it was that cold out today, but I suppose with the wind and not moving them, the fingers get cold.

I have invested this winter in a $4 pair of Fleece Hunting gloves from Wal-Mart and I put these bad boys over the Nike's and nothing will penetrate, it feels like an oven. So do yourself a favor and go to your local hardware or sporting good store and get some hunting gloves!

Legs are feeling as though they are coming along good!! YAY!

Done with school on Thursday, and its to Cedar Rapids for Spring Break, and of course....

Le premiere etage de le saison 2008, Kent Park!


mtb05girl said...

World Championships...right...haha! Good luck at Kent Park!

Jimmy Carrico said...

OK, i'm sure I can fit a ride in sometime between my job, friends, actual training, homework, girlfriend, oops maybe not.

just joshing. weather looks kind of crappy though. give me a call when you get back