Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back to Norweiga

Drove back to Decorah-land today! Dropped some of my stuff off at the dorms then drove to my grandparents for a little trainer/paris-nice action. Rode on the trainer for 1H30Min while watching the Paris-Nice race......dude whose the same size as me took the prologue.

The God of Thunder Thor Hushovd. Slipstream faired very well, Danny Pate and Trent Lowe in the top 10.

This week is supposed to be nice, hopefully get some good mileage in as I continue to get ready for the racing season. Getting really pumped for the season!! AGGGHHGHSDGHKSFJALJF

Only 2 weeks!!!


Jimmy Carrico said...

don't ride with carson he wusses out in warmer temperatures than he doesn't wuss out in.

did a nice 60 miler with the wooley mamoths

Jimmy Carrico said...

because you didn't ride outside sunday which was warmer than saturday, when you did ride.

yeah, you don't believe me?

Jimmy Carrico said...

haha its all good bro

I did the CR loop with an extra bit around solon.