Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hey everyone,
Finally a post. I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore or cares about it, ha. First semester is half over, and so I am a day closer every day to be done with Luther College. Swim season has kicked off great. I have turned pretty much into a backstroker/IM'er for the season and have had some great swims so far. is our teams blog, run by the managers and head coach. Have some videos of some of the things we do...a great time.

We will be competeing in the Ted Mullins Hour of Power Relay on Wed. Ted Mullins was a swimmer for CarletonCollege who died of Sarcomma cancer a few years ago. The University of Chicago and Carelton co-run this "Hour of Power". What we do is do a non-stop relay style practice for an hour, where the point is to keep every lane on the same lap and do as many laps as possible. We all are given "Cancer Sucks" tshirts and fundraise. Anyone who gives a dollar gets to sign the shirt. The sweet thing about the money, is for every dollar donated, The University of Chicago will multiply by 10! A great time for team bonding and for a great cause. 119 schools last year did it at the same time...... and 112,000 has been raised in 3 years.
Check out the website for more info.

Other than swimming, there hasn't been much biking. It's hard to do when I'm swimming 5 hours a day. But I don't have a class in January and my second semester is looking good, being done in the morning every day.

On the topic of cycling, I will announce my team for next year.

I will be racing for Mercy Specialized. Rick and the guys at ICCC have been extremely generous to give me a spot on the elite team and I hope to help out and make an impact. Sounds like it will be a great team and a great season! I am looking foward to Feb 21st, when I can officially start!

I have been with Hawkeye Bike since the beginning, and I owe them so much. Eastburn, Reed, Vern, Larry and everyone un-named have all been great leaders for me. I hope to work with them on numerous occassions!