Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playing with the Big Boys..

So today, I got up and felt so drowzy and droggy, but after we spun around this morning for an hour, felt awesome. I have felt better each and every day here in Ohio. Today's race was supposed to be 50 miles, most on a circuit race course outside of Granville, and 10 1-Mile loops in Granville, but it was shortened to about 35 miles due to rain/hail/lightning. 

Race started out pretty good, a big group got off the front, and soon I saw Paul and John setting tempo at the front, so I went and decided to help. Pulled for a while on the front of the pack. The next time around I attacked out of the group as the pace had really slowed down. I was caught easily, but kept the pace high trying to bring back the break. Eventually, Paul gassed it and got up the break, and I went on the defensive. John and I continuously blocked and chased other attempts from teams to bring the break back. It was fun, I was really do something in this big race. Throughout this time, rain came, hail came and strong winds started to hurt the pack a bit.

Coming back into Granville, we knew we had to get Dewey to the hard steep cobbled climb first or close if he had a chance. John and I went to the front and drilled it, but A+F was way strong and just didn't allow much to happen. I was able to get Dewey on my wheel and I tried real hard to get him to the corner, but only got him there in 15th or so. By this time, the rain was pouring down really hard, and the officials shortened the course to 4 times instead of 10.  I just road by myself and ended up pulling off after 2 laps. We "failed" at getting the Yellow, and jersey was not feeling good, so he pulled. 
Hopefully we still have top 10 and such, but who knows.

So they really messed up results on final circuit with rain and what not...I started in 74th after my bad day. Was 69th after yesterdays crit, and moved up to 66th by the end of the race. So I believe I was 50% above and below the field, so right in the middle! Im pretty happy about that!

It was such a great experience for me, I learned quite a bit from this week, and I hope to get some strong legs for Northfield and Superweek!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Crit Style Racing

Stage 4, a 40 mile Crit in Worthington, Ohio. A slightly longer then 1mile course with a long gradual climb, and fast descent. I know crits are fast, but I was totally pumped for this. I started 3/4 way back, better then in the last row like Stage 1. I was able to move my way up through the race, and was even 10th wheel or so, right on the front of the spearhead. I started to get pretty thrashed through the race, and kept moving back with about 12 laps to go, when the pace went up to about 35mph for 10 laps straight. 

With 5 laps to go, I popped off, not to mad because I stuck it for 30 laps or so. Just cruised to the finish. Tomorrow is the big day, a 50 mile Circuit Race with some brutal climbing at the end. Dewey is down 38 seconds and we can get it back tomorrow easily if we get him where he has to be. 

Check in later

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A day for Redemption!

So today, I was feeling great when I woke up and all the way til race time. But I knew after yesterdays little escapade, what will happen today!

The race was supposed to be 60 miles, ended up being 70

It was not as hilly, but with many more rollers and hardly and flat. A few nice climbs, maybe over 10%??? Started out fast, 28mph avg. or so for the first half. 
I was feeling really good today for some reason, wish I wouldn't have cramped and lost the 16 minutes yesterday. I was doing good on the climbs, moving up or holding my position. Going through the feed zone, after a really steep climb out of Coshocton, I got a feed and was still in the pack, I was stoked. Worked my way up to the front for the last part of the race, even sitting about 15th wheel or so? I am amazed at the smooth running efficiency of the 1,2 peloton. Everyone is just so smooth, if you have the wheel in front and wanna move, they will let you in, and vice versa. 
Coming into the finish, I was in the front of the group, and all of a sudden a crash happened, with 1K to go or so, right before the steep climb to the finish. I was behind, but was lucky enough to slow down, but managed to ramp over an A + F wheel and heard it break (Nice Carbon). Got clipped back in without going over, and even passed some people on the climb. It was a great stage, I hope all I needed was 2 days instead of one to get my legs about me. Unfortunately yesterday cost me dearly. 

Tomorrow is a 40 Mile Crit, maybe I can stay in and some 3's ahead of me get pulled and I can make up some ground. 

I am sitting 7th for Cat 3's, Jimmy is 5th. Think there are about 20 in the race. 

Oh and Chad, I am riding "composite" not switched over haha

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whoop There I GO!

Today was Stage 2, 70 Mile Road Race with 5 significant climbs and some good size rollers. First part of the race was relatively flat, with the first KOM at 15 miles or so. All 5 of these climbs were at least .5 miles at above 10% for some of the climb. I'd fall back through the pack, and get in a chase to regain the leaders. 

At the 3rd KOM with about 25 miles or so to go, I blew off the back up the climb with many others, hell I was riding with a current World Track Champion from A & F, hehe, but yea, there went my day.  By the 4th KOM, the steepest, 1 mile or so at above 10%, with a sort of stair stepper, up and down after the crest. My legs seized up so bad on this, and again on the final KOM, another 1+ miler at +10%. 

I rolled into the finish who knows where, at least 10 min, maybe 15. But I guess there were people falling off the pace on the first KOM, that didn't finish, so they get 10min from there time, plus 3min or something for when they hit the end of the 1st circuit or I don't know something like that. So I did beat some people, and I don't think really that close to last. 

This race was def. an eye opener to the style of road racing in the pro ranks out there. 

Tomorrow is another 60mile Road Race, so Ill check in after that. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tour of Ohio Stage 1

Went up to Mt. Vernon for the first stage. A prologue crit of 30 miles. Got to the course, and it was different then in past years, to the surprise of many. 

It was a pretty iffy course, many guys were skeptical when warming up. A small incline from start finish line, up around a "town square" deal, down an S curve, and then a straightaway that turned into a narrow cobblestone alley. Rideable course, but for a first time 3's in a pro field. I was scared!

The rules of this race were except top 3 who recieved time bonus, everyone who started got the same time. Jimmy, John Olney and I lined up in the rear not to take any risks. Paul and Dewey up front row or so. 

Race started off fast, I guess Dewey was "scared" for the cobbles and wanted to be first and keep it strung out. This hit us at the back, us 3 stayed together well and moved up through the field. Before you know it, 8 laps were gone....and we got pulled. Our group was about 40 riders or so. The course made it so, if you started weren't going anywhere. 4 Laps in and I looked to the other side of the course, and the race leaders were going through. The lap times were about 50 seconds. so .35mile laps or so? Really short, fast. Only 20 guys out of 120ish were able to finish without being pulled. 

What an experience, 5 miles into the race and get pulled :), but hey Im still tied for the Cat 3 lead, and in 4th overall GC :).

Tomorrow is the big day, 70miles with big climbs. Dewey says its his day, lets hope so!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cat 3 Showdown Begins!

I sit here, Sunday night anxious and scared for my first Cat 3 experience. It is also going to be a rough 5 days with Cat 1's and 2's from the Midwest and beyond, for the Tour of Ohio. A 300 mile stage race in Ohio.

The stages are a couple 40 mile crits
70 mile rr
30 mile crit
and a 50 mile CR or so I think.

I am ready to get my butt handed to me, hopefully giving me some good form for Superweek. There is a 3's payout and overall leader's jersey. Maybe Jimmy and I could sneak into it for a day, or try to fight for it. Maybe get in some breaks to help out Dewey, Paul, John, Zach. And maybe I can be a good domestique and get someone the overall!

Ill keep the posts coming after each stage to tell you how dead I am :).

Good Luck in training, maybe some good weather for a change!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1 week to go!

Did a group ride tonight with some of the guys. Chris Eastburn is really starting to come along to the Chris I know, just hammering it out and killing us all.  I must be getting into some good shape, I was able to stick with and work for most of the ride. Got done and had an avg. of 270 watts on the powertap after 46miles. Sweet! Legs felt good even after the ride which was a surprise, maybe Ill be able to stick with some of the big boys next week in Ohio.

Started swimming this week, to try and keep the shoulders in shape for next season. That is if, Luther has a campus/pool/sports complex. Check out to check out some of the pics from the record flooding. I don't remember 93 that much, but I know the flooding in Decorah  was nothing like it is there now. Im glad I don't still live there, as Im sure I would be sandbagging 24hours a day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Full Time Job Fo Sho!

So its getting pretty busy at the bike shop now days with RAGBRI coming up pretty soon. I was supposed to have the day off, but was called in for the afternoon do to illness. It has to be nice to have a full day off to relax and do whatever, but it has been fun so far working at the shop. Should have two weeks in a row with overtime pay! YEAH! Next week, I will be putting in 5o hours or so, racking in the dough. 

Anyway, so again......another day with an LT interval, another day with 20+ mph winds. I hope doing that kind of work into a headwind will pay off for as much as it hurts. 
I am going to Ohio here in 2 weeks for the Tour of Ohio. A 5 day stage race, and I will be racing composite with Mercy Specialized, with coach Paul, Jimmy C, John Olney and a couple others. First race as a Cat 3, and I will be going up against some national class Cat 1's. Yikes, I hope I don't the the "Lantan Rouge" or last place person in the race! HAHA

Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving Up!

Got my Cat 3 Upgrade today! 

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Team Rides in the Heat!

Met at GSP for a 2-3 Hour team ride today. Chris Reed, Ian Robinson and Mack Sheldrup all came down to do the ride. We headed north out of town on the trail, then on to Center Point. Legs were feeling kind of sore today because of last two days in the wind/LT Intervals, but still pretty good. 
Coming into CP, did a stop sign sprint and hit a new power outage. 1550 watts. That is pretty sweet! After we got out of CP, the hills start rolling in and up towards Urbana, a couple .5 mile-.75 mile climbs. Ian seems to be climbing and gaining some good form, and Mack and Chris had turned around to go back, both not feeling well. Ian and I pushed on into Shellsburg pretty hard, andfrom there cruised into Palo. 
In Shellsburg, I did see the Peppy's Ice Cream Trucks(Ice Cream Delivery in Cedar Rapids, old school side window van style), and wanted to stop, but decided to pass! 
Ian and I split off in Palo, and I just cruised home.

Ended up with 2500kjoules, 58 miles, 3 hours in the saddle, and keep getting a good farmers tan going on!

Next up is the Oval on Tuesday night.