Thursday, June 5, 2008

Full Time Job Fo Sho!

So its getting pretty busy at the bike shop now days with RAGBRI coming up pretty soon. I was supposed to have the day off, but was called in for the afternoon do to illness. It has to be nice to have a full day off to relax and do whatever, but it has been fun so far working at the shop. Should have two weeks in a row with overtime pay! YEAH! Next week, I will be putting in 5o hours or so, racking in the dough. 

Anyway, so again......another day with an LT interval, another day with 20+ mph winds. I hope doing that kind of work into a headwind will pay off for as much as it hurts. 
I am going to Ohio here in 2 weeks for the Tour of Ohio. A 5 day stage race, and I will be racing composite with Mercy Specialized, with coach Paul, Jimmy C, John Olney and a couple others. First race as a Cat 3, and I will be going up against some national class Cat 1's. Yikes, I hope I don't the the "Lantan Rouge" or last place person in the race! HAHA

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cool u sandbagger. uhh nothing really i'll call you don't call me