Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1 week to go!

Did a group ride tonight with some of the guys. Chris Eastburn is really starting to come along to the Chris I know, just hammering it out and killing us all.  I must be getting into some good shape, I was able to stick with and work for most of the ride. Got done and had an avg. of 270 watts on the powertap after 46miles. Sweet! Legs felt good even after the ride which was a surprise, maybe Ill be able to stick with some of the big boys next week in Ohio.

Started swimming this week, to try and keep the shoulders in shape for next season. That is if, Luther has a campus/pool/sports complex. Check out decorahnews.com to check out some of the pics from the record flooding. I don't remember 93 that much, but I know the flooding in Decorah  was nothing like it is there now. Im glad I don't still live there, as Im sure I would be sandbagging 24hours a day.


unnamed said...

yeah i had stuff tonight. sorry. let me know thursday or whenever if ya want to ride. i have no fitness.

unnamed said...

and idk about hummer hammer. prolly not.

Chad Bishop said...

you seem to do a lot of 'sandbagging' right before the races. (kidding of course).

good luck racing in ohio, no matter what happens, you are sure to come back stronger and smarter.