Sunday, June 1, 2008

Team Rides in the Heat!

Met at GSP for a 2-3 Hour team ride today. Chris Reed, Ian Robinson and Mack Sheldrup all came down to do the ride. We headed north out of town on the trail, then on to Center Point. Legs were feeling kind of sore today because of last two days in the wind/LT Intervals, but still pretty good. 
Coming into CP, did a stop sign sprint and hit a new power outage. 1550 watts. That is pretty sweet! After we got out of CP, the hills start rolling in and up towards Urbana, a couple .5 mile-.75 mile climbs. Ian seems to be climbing and gaining some good form, and Mack and Chris had turned around to go back, both not feeling well. Ian and I pushed on into Shellsburg pretty hard, andfrom there cruised into Palo. 
In Shellsburg, I did see the Peppy's Ice Cream Trucks(Ice Cream Delivery in Cedar Rapids, old school side window van style), and wanted to stop, but decided to pass! 
Ian and I split off in Palo, and I just cruised home.

Ended up with 2500kjoules, 58 miles, 3 hours in the saddle, and keep getting a good farmers tan going on!

Next up is the Oval on Tuesday night.

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