Thursday, June 19, 2008

A day for Redemption!

So today, I was feeling great when I woke up and all the way til race time. But I knew after yesterdays little escapade, what will happen today!

The race was supposed to be 60 miles, ended up being 70

It was not as hilly, but with many more rollers and hardly and flat. A few nice climbs, maybe over 10%??? Started out fast, 28mph avg. or so for the first half. 
I was feeling really good today for some reason, wish I wouldn't have cramped and lost the 16 minutes yesterday. I was doing good on the climbs, moving up or holding my position. Going through the feed zone, after a really steep climb out of Coshocton, I got a feed and was still in the pack, I was stoked. Worked my way up to the front for the last part of the race, even sitting about 15th wheel or so? I am amazed at the smooth running efficiency of the 1,2 peloton. Everyone is just so smooth, if you have the wheel in front and wanna move, they will let you in, and vice versa. 
Coming into the finish, I was in the front of the group, and all of a sudden a crash happened, with 1K to go or so, right before the steep climb to the finish. I was behind, but was lucky enough to slow down, but managed to ramp over an A + F wheel and heard it break (Nice Carbon). Got clipped back in without going over, and even passed some people on the climb. It was a great stage, I hope all I needed was 2 days instead of one to get my legs about me. Unfortunately yesterday cost me dearly. 

Tomorrow is a 40 Mile Crit, maybe I can stay in and some 3's ahead of me get pulled and I can make up some ground. 

I am sitting 7th for Cat 3's, Jimmy is 5th. Think there are about 20 in the race. 

Oh and Chad, I am riding "composite" not switched over haha


Chad Bishop said...

82 of the 115 finishers scored the same time (2hours 45minutes), good job on making it into the field finish.
I was looking at to get that detail.
So if there are 20 Cat 3's, then the other 95 riders are 1/2's?

Carson said...

Yes, 82 finished, but because of the crash they were given same time, otherwise, there would have been time gaps.

Yea, 95 or so are all 1's and 2's