Friday, June 20, 2008

Crit Style Racing

Stage 4, a 40 mile Crit in Worthington, Ohio. A slightly longer then 1mile course with a long gradual climb, and fast descent. I know crits are fast, but I was totally pumped for this. I started 3/4 way back, better then in the last row like Stage 1. I was able to move my way up through the race, and was even 10th wheel or so, right on the front of the spearhead. I started to get pretty thrashed through the race, and kept moving back with about 12 laps to go, when the pace went up to about 35mph for 10 laps straight. 

With 5 laps to go, I popped off, not to mad because I stuck it for 30 laps or so. Just cruised to the finish. Tomorrow is the big day, a 50 mile Circuit Race with some brutal climbing at the end. Dewey is down 38 seconds and we can get it back tomorrow easily if we get him where he has to be. 

Check in later

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