Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playing with the Big Boys..

So today, I got up and felt so drowzy and droggy, but after we spun around this morning for an hour, felt awesome. I have felt better each and every day here in Ohio. Today's race was supposed to be 50 miles, most on a circuit race course outside of Granville, and 10 1-Mile loops in Granville, but it was shortened to about 35 miles due to rain/hail/lightning. 

Race started out pretty good, a big group got off the front, and soon I saw Paul and John setting tempo at the front, so I went and decided to help. Pulled for a while on the front of the pack. The next time around I attacked out of the group as the pace had really slowed down. I was caught easily, but kept the pace high trying to bring back the break. Eventually, Paul gassed it and got up the break, and I went on the defensive. John and I continuously blocked and chased other attempts from teams to bring the break back. It was fun, I was really do something in this big race. Throughout this time, rain came, hail came and strong winds started to hurt the pack a bit.

Coming back into Granville, we knew we had to get Dewey to the hard steep cobbled climb first or close if he had a chance. John and I went to the front and drilled it, but A+F was way strong and just didn't allow much to happen. I was able to get Dewey on my wheel and I tried real hard to get him to the corner, but only got him there in 15th or so. By this time, the rain was pouring down really hard, and the officials shortened the course to 4 times instead of 10.  I just road by myself and ended up pulling off after 2 laps. We "failed" at getting the Yellow, and jersey was not feeling good, so he pulled. 
Hopefully we still have top 10 and such, but who knows.

So they really messed up results on final circuit with rain and what not...I started in 74th after my bad day. Was 69th after yesterdays crit, and moved up to 66th by the end of the race. So I believe I was 50% above and below the field, so right in the middle! Im pretty happy about that!

It was such a great experience for me, I learned quite a bit from this week, and I hope to get some strong legs for Northfield and Superweek!

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