Sunday, July 6, 2008

Northfield Crit

Went up to Northfield with my girlfriend Beth for the race Friday.  Great to see some IA guys up there!! Iowa Ortho and All 9 guys!! 

It was  fun time, I really like this course. Lined up for the 3's race with about 35 other riders. Pace started off pretty fast, with a couple attacks going off here and there. 

After a few laps having sat in the field, I started to move up in the field and patrol ready to pounce when I had the chance. With about 13 laps to go, there was a break of 2 up the road and we started to bring back the two, and when we hit the hill I took off out of the pack and passed the two breakaway guys. I looked back and hoped to have some help but I didn't. I had a decent gap and put my head down to see what I could do against a field of 3's. It was fun, never felt as though I was killing myself but after 3 laps, I was reeled back in. Got back in the pack and had a drink of Gatorade. 

As the laps clicked down, I through a few more attacks off on the hill but to no avail. It was such a great race, I had a lot of fun being active and attentive. 

Last lap, I didn't get up to where I needed to be and opened up the sprint from a ways back. I did pass a few guys in the end. Ended up in 9th. 

As I crossed the line, the guy in front of me who placed 8th sat up and took his hands off the bars right at the line. I was going around him, and he started to lose control and swerve towards me. I got passed him, but then heard a wheel touch my back wheel. I heard then a crash and spokes hitting the wheel.  When he hit my wheel, he broke 3 of my spokes. I never thought I would see this happen at the end of a Cat 3's race. Oh well, stuff happens. The official didn't relegate him, but did tell him how bad of a move it was to do. 

So awesome race!!! Im feeling really ready for Superweek, feel a good taper coming! Maybe get some Cat 3 points next week!

Spent the rest of the weekend with Beth and her roommate and boyfriend who we both swim with at Luther. Watched some fireworks, at some good food!


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