Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two Bee "Thanks Jason RR"

Yay for Conn Day Races!! I was finally able to get to one this year, after pleading with the guys at the shop to allow me to come in a little late for work.

Chris Reed and I rode down, and saw Ian Robinson, Mack Sheldrup, Keith Snoop and Jason Amoriell all ready to race for the day. We ended up having 5 of the 15 starters or so. We were saying that if we couldn't win on this day, wow...we are horrible. 

Race started off pretty mellow, with a few attacks. After about 6 miles or so. A big attack got off with Ian, Jason, Chris, a 2 Bee guy, both Nick and Tim Campbell. I knew this was serious, but just sat back and waited to pounce on the guys who missed out. After a while, I was bored and I know Gary McNabb and I wanted to make the race a little more interesting. We punched the pace and tried to bridge up to the leaders. In this process we dropped all but one guy. 

Once we got up to the break. Jason put in an attack and was off for a while. 10 miles or so to go, we caught him and hung in the pack. With about 7 miles to do, Chris put in an attack and had a slight gap, once he got reeled in. I punched the gas and took off. I looked back once and had a small gap, I decided to try and stick it.  I kept opening up a gap as my teammates did good blocking and didn't allow one of the Campbells or Two Bee guys to jump across. 

I crossed the line about 45sec to 1 minute ahead of the field. Chris Reed and Ian Robinson took 2nd and 3rd on the day. Junior Mack Sheldrup got back into the "peloton" and ended up with the 5th spot!

This was the first race, where I have ever really done team tactics and it finally worked. We were able to work over Tim Campbell, who was probably the strongest in the race (Cat 2), and come away with some Cookies, Brownies and such.

This was a great race, it was some good low key hard racing!

Next up is a week of training for the big one! 108 Mile State Road Race.
Looks like there will be 3 of us Cat 3's and hopefully Eastburn will do it :)


juan valdez said...

Glad you will be doing the 1/2/3 race. You won't be crashing out any of us 4's.

bryan said...

wait, a 4 trash-talking a 3? Stay classy, Juan.

I'm a 4, too, but at least I know my place.