Thursday, July 10, 2008

1st SuperWeek Experience

Leaving for Superweek. Will race 5 days or so. Then I have to get back and work.....Dam Work!

Should be fun, hopefully get some cash and will see some pros ride!!! Staying with my roommate and swimmer bud, Dougie. Great to not have to pay for anything but food and gas, which I guess is like paying for hotels if you think about it.

Ill keep the race reports coming!

Have fun in Clear Lake to those attending.


Juan Valdez said...

Superweek will be a positive experience for you, assuming you figure out that one of the single most important things you can do as a bike rider is to not make erratic moves in pack, regardless of the situation. F*$king RIDE IN A STRAIGHT LINE!!!

All the Cat 4 & Cat 3 Racers in Iowa, and now Minnesota. We have been putting up with your sh$t all summer, people won't be as nice at Superweek.

Carson said...

wow thanks to whoever juan valdez is!!!

That is great sportsmanship. Its funny, racing with pros in Ohio, I was never called out for riding the same way I do now. Must not be riding to bad.

But yea, your a real good person for saying this over blogging!!

Its great, I have a good idea who Juan is!

Carson said...

I love how Im the only one ever called out on my racing over blogger......