Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time to quit racing...

By the sound of it. Juan Valdez(local iowa racer) doesn't seem to like how I ride. I might as well quit, before I kill someone.

Yea, I made a mistake at the Big Creek Race, sorry to those involved. So Im getting called out for not riding in straight lines? And Minnesota Riders now know how I ride? The only person who yelled at me in that race was from Iowa, and when I have to sweep wide to miss another wheel sweeping wide in a sharp corner, I don't think its right to get yelled at for not being my fault. But I guess everything I do on the bike must be wrong? I don't ride in a F#@King straight line.

And all the Iowa and Minnesota riders have had enough of my shit? Well might as well quit huh. Would that all make you FUCKING HAPPY!

Did the first SuperWeek race today. It was a lot of fun, about 70 riders or so lined up for the 40 lap, 40 mile race. Started off with a few attacks, and nothing really got going. Pretty soon I found myself with 3 other guys going up the road. After one hard pull, one guy popped off and it was just 2 of us. We were soon absorbed by the pack about 2 laps later. A counter attack went 1/2 lap later, and this was the 6 man move that won the race. Shoot, I was close to getting into the right break. Oh well, I tried! The bad thing was all the major teams were represented, DOAHH!

A few of us tried to put in a chase, but the teams showed good blocking tactics. I even tried to bridge up 1 time, but the group was up about 25 seconds and I never get within 10-15 I don't think before being caught.  

Came across the line in the pack somewhere, not the best positioning for the field sprint! It was a lot of fun though, my legs feel like they are getting recovered for tomorrow!

Thanks for all the support trying to race my bike!!

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