Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tues. Group Ride

Did the Cedar Rapids Group Ride tonight. Lots of people showed up which is always good. We went north to Alburnett, Central City, Waubeek, Springville and back in. Ended up doing 55 miles in just under 3 hours total time. 

Avg. Watts: 255
MPH: 21

A couple of the guys were on fire, and def. putting the hurt on us. *WINK* Easburn, Norbert, Chris *Wink*        

MAC Hope your doing good, I think it was my fault, that a way to take it like a champ.

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TT specialist said...

Hey Carson, thanks a lot for the encouragement man. I just got back on the bike today for two hours and the knee seems to be healed up. I have 10 days of training to go before I head out to CA for Nationals, so I'll try to get going as well as I can!

Good luck with the rest of your season, there are some great races in the midwest with Tour of KC, Downers, and Gateway Cup.