Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 3....SuperWeek

Day 3 was another 40 mile crit in Richton Park, a neighborhood on the southern part of Chi-Town. It was a great course, very smooth with only some rough spots in the corners. 

Bikes 2 You showed up today after dominating the Clear Lake Races. Chris, Bryan, Will and Andrew were here in force. I knew these were the guys to watch, and it turned out to be a good plan.

After the start they started launching a few attacks, with none sticking. At about 1/2 way point. Bryan and Andrew were in a break up the road. I knew it was the place to be, so I bridged across dragging another B2U dude, Chris. This was def. an Iowa break with only 2 others not from Iowa. The pack wasn't going to let this go, so we were swept up. Some untimely attacks lasted throughout the race and were reeled in. With 6-7 laps to go? Moritz went on another attack and only 1 guy went with. This was the move. Moritz was able to win the sprint! Awesome!!!

Andrew got 5th or so??? I came in 23rd and almost saw Will go down, he was in  great position for the sprint but clipped his pedal on the floor. It was a great race, I had lots of fun, and it was intense. We avg. about 27mph. 

2 more days to go! Maybe us Iowa guys can take some high spots in the races to come!

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Chad Bishop said...

Good reports and probably good to have some familiar iowa faces, especially when one of them ends up winning.