Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 4.....

Day 4 a 35 mile Crit in Bensenville, Illinois. The course was pretty sketchy, starts in a park and leaves through a rough exit onto a neighborhood then re-enters the park on a very off camber turn back onto blacktop. It was ok though, we all took the corner fine. Alittle off camber S Curve to the finish. The races started out fast with it being strung out. A break of 4 went up the road as usual, but this time it stuck for some reason. They got a gap of up to 1:15 over the field, that means we were really slow and not chasing hard, or they were just kicking our butt. I think it was more the first, but also some of the 2nd. The laps ticked down and I stayed toward the front. Andrew F. from Bikes 2 You had a busy day, no one wanted to pull so he pulled probably a total of 10 laps or so?? Including the last 2 and still placed 6th in the sprint. He was a real motor today.

Came in 21st. Wow, I can't be so close to the money (20th) and never get there. 21st, 23rd, 21st the last 3 days!
1 More day to move into the money for now! Hopefully I will be able to leave it all out there and make a break or sprint for a good placing!


Chad Bishop said...

Yes, finish 'in the money' for your last race to round off a great trip. Good link to results at http://www.internationalcycling.com/results.php

All the IA riders were listed except Moritz, I will check his blog later, but hopefully he raced well too.

Carson said...

Bryan said he wasn't feeling it yesterday so he dropped out.

After a breakaway and win the day before, I would too. ha