Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 Days and Counting!!!!

2 Days til the State Road Race. I have had 2 days off this week to think about the race and what I am going to have to do in order to prosper. The longest ride I have ever done in my life was 85 miles. So being 20 miles longer, who knows whats going to happen. 

I will have at least 2 team mates to work for/with in order to stay in the front, and a numerous amount of other teammates taking part in the other races and to help with feeding. The amount of liquids and food I will have engulf to stay above bonking line will be like a 3 course meal!!!

Im really excited though, it will be a tour de france stage length road race. So Im thinking it will be slow to start and will blaze by the end. 

Payout is 1200/10 places, overall so that is always a goal, but also Cat. 3 is separated out for State Champion Medals separately then 1/2's. I have quite a few guys to watch who will be on form and I think ready to kick some ass.

Chad Bishop
Jimmy and Adam Price
Basso and Death Squad
Norbert, Dom and Jacobsen
I know many others......

Its gonna be a great race within itself. Hopefully I don't get left behind to early on!


Chad Bishop said...

Oh great, thanks for the call-out, I was trying to maintain a low profile since my training has been inconsistent:) I suppose you were just getting me back for drawing attention to your season, but it is all good intentions.

It is reassuring that you don't have a lot of rides logged at the longer distances (70mph & Up). I am thinking most Cat 3's are in a similar situation, so it will still be a great battle, as we will all be hurting/cramping/bonking, etc.

Will said...

chad i don't think any of us have rides at 70MPH and up, maybe 70 miles, but not miles per hour, unless you are finn.