Saturday, August 2, 2008


So today, I got up and was just ecstatic about the race. I met some of the HBA dudes downtown and we made our way to West Branch. Everything was going good, had a good breakfast, got my pre-race Mt. Dew and Pretzels in, bottles full and everything was going great!

Start the race with about 50 riders. It was fun. A 27.5 mile loop with a couple stretches for crosswind action, a couple long climbs and a 5 mile tailwind stretch to the end. Feed zone was ballistic today. We had to set up two feeds throughout the course. (Thanks Lawrence Reed, Vern, Larry, Kevin, Ken for all the help you offered today). A group would always punch it through the finishing feed zone towards the finish, so people who had to take on bottles had to work their tails off to get back on. 

Our plan today was to take 2 bottles per lap. One from one feed, and drop it off and pick up another at the other feed. We stayed hydrated, I don't think Chris, Ian or I ever felt dehydrated. Had some food with as well for some good grub. Cliff Bars are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So start of the 3rd lap, and I am still feeling awesome. We are heading north out of West Branch, and all of  a sudden I hit a huge crack in the road. This crack was not marked with paint, and someone was right in front of me, never managed to hit it. I did, and all of a sudden I felt myself riding on a rim. I put my hand up and went to the back, kept upright and ready for a wheel change. The truck came, and I was able to get my spare wheel, but by this time, I couldn't get back on to the group. Bryan Moritz had come off after getting a plastic bag caught in his rear derailleur and never got back on. We tried to get back on, but couldn't. We decided to turn around and head back to West Branch. So I ended up with only about 60 Miles out of the 108 planned. 

Sat at the feed zone and saw as Ian Robinson, placed a great 4th in the race. Chris Reed stuck it out and finished. It was a good showing, I was mad I couldn't stay in, I was feeling awesome today and know I could have stuck it out for a while.

Good day for HBA. Cat 5 and Masters 50+ Wins, a 3rd in the 4's and a 4th in 3's. 

Im now on for 4 days of training, then 4 days off so I can go to Door County with the girlfriend to hang out for the weekend! Im so pumped. 

Next up is Downers Grove, and then State Crit!!!

Good job to all who raced in the heat today, it was fun while it "I" lasted!!!

P.S - I tried Chamois Butter for the first time today, and it seemed to work pretty well. Good Investment!


Ian Robinson said...

Carson, You had some bad luck.
Without the puncture, you would have been competing for the win.

Chad Bishop said...

Good racing, you were marked, and took it in stride, very confident, and determined. You can most likely take this cycling thing as far as you want...