Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tour of Ohio Stage 1

Went up to Mt. Vernon for the first stage. A prologue crit of 30 miles. Got to the course, and it was different then in past years, to the surprise of many. 

It was a pretty iffy course, many guys were skeptical when warming up. A small incline from start finish line, up around a "town square" deal, down an S curve, and then a straightaway that turned into a narrow cobblestone alley. Rideable course, but for a first time 3's in a pro field. I was scared!

The rules of this race were except top 3 who recieved time bonus, everyone who started got the same time. Jimmy, John Olney and I lined up in the rear not to take any risks. Paul and Dewey up front row or so. 

Race started off fast, I guess Dewey was "scared" for the cobbles and wanted to be first and keep it strung out. This hit us at the back, us 3 stayed together well and moved up through the field. Before you know it, 8 laps were gone....and we got pulled. Our group was about 40 riders or so. The course made it so, if you started there....you weren't going anywhere. 4 Laps in and I looked to the other side of the course, and the race leaders were going through. The lap times were about 50 seconds. so .35mile laps or so? Really short, fast. Only 20 guys out of 120ish were able to finish without being pulled. 

What an experience, 5 miles into the race and get pulled :), but hey Im still tied for the Cat 3 lead, and in 4th overall GC :).

Tomorrow is the big day, 70miles with big climbs. Dewey says its his day, lets hope so!


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