Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whoop There I GO!

Today was Stage 2, 70 Mile Road Race with 5 significant climbs and some good size rollers. First part of the race was relatively flat, with the first KOM at 15 miles or so. All 5 of these climbs were at least .5 miles at above 10% for some of the climb. I'd fall back through the pack, and get in a chase to regain the leaders. 

At the 3rd KOM with about 25 miles or so to go, I blew off the back up the climb with many others, hell I was riding with a current World Track Champion from A & F, hehe, but yea, there went my day.  By the 4th KOM, the steepest, 1 mile or so at above 10%, with a sort of stair stepper, up and down after the crest. My legs seized up so bad on this, and again on the final KOM, another 1+ miler at +10%. 

I rolled into the finish who knows where, at least 10 min, maybe 15. But I guess there were people falling off the pace on the first KOM, that didn't finish, so they get 10min from there time, plus 3min or something for when they hit the end of the 1st circuit or I don't know something like that. So I did beat some people, and I don't think really that close to last. 

This race was def. an eye opener to the style of road racing in the pro ranks out there. 

Tomorrow is another 60mile Road Race, so Ill check in after that. 

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Chad Bishop said...

Good reports.
So, yesterday, it looked like you were in 75th, Jimmy in 56th, Paul in 37th, John in 23rd and Dewey in 3rd. Which is great results. Way to go Iowa Riders. I will stay tuned to see how things progress.

Also, I noticed you are now on Mercy/Specialized Team? That is blog worthy news.