Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cat 3 Showdown Begins!

I sit here, Sunday night anxious and scared for my first Cat 3 experience. It is also going to be a rough 5 days with Cat 1's and 2's from the Midwest and beyond, for the Tour of Ohio. A 300 mile stage race in Ohio.

The stages are a couple 40 mile crits
70 mile rr
30 mile crit
and a 50 mile CR or so I think.

I am ready to get my butt handed to me, hopefully giving me some good form for Superweek. There is a 3's payout and overall leader's jersey. Maybe Jimmy and I could sneak into it for a day, or try to fight for it. Maybe get in some breaks to help out Dewey, Paul, John, Zach. And maybe I can be a good domestique and get someone the overall!

Ill keep the posts coming after each stage to tell you how dead I am :).

Good Luck in training, maybe some good weather for a change!

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bryan said...

thanks. good luck in ohio