Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yay for Tests!!!

So I got my two tests back from late last week today. All I can say is I am gonna have a better spring break now that I saw the scores!!

Got a B on my philosophy midterm, not to bad, I was hoping for an A, but for a class that I have no idea what is going on have the time, good for me!!

In bio, at the end of lecture, the prof. comes out and says we are handing back the tests, and goes through the usual speal about the avg, mean, median stuff. The test was out of 50, and the class average was a 63% at 32. I was like OMG!!! I am gonna fail Bio, as I thought this test was pretty hard when I took it. So we found the 3 profs. after class who divide up the ABC's and I got my test.

I opened it up and saw a 42!!!!!! I got an 84% on the test, and my Standard Deviation against the class was a 1.26, which is almost an A+ with the curve. My Std. Deviation for the overall grade in the class right now is......... .354, which is a B+. I can't be mad about that at all, Bio is the toughest weed out class in the school.

Ok, so now with the cool stuff. Spring Break starts officially at 4:00 tomorrow and I will be on my way home, brining a lot of clothes back as I have to many up here at school.

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